Beagle Dog & Puppy as Pet : Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

Beagles are really weird dogs that are very masterful in nature. They have a loving, unassuming and loving nature. This variety is great for families with children and other pets.

How much does a beagle cost?

The price of a beagle in India is somewhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 28 000. The price of the beagle and its planned care will vary depending on the area, the reputation of the breeders, the cost of health care and vaccinations.

Beagles are very skilled and like to play, which is one of the reasons why they are popular with dog lovers. If you are ready to adopt one, we are here to help you. We will help you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What factors influenced the price of Beagle in India?

Beagle is a nice dog with a loyal nature and very friendly to children. He is not a watch dog and is quite soft.

The price of the beagle is affected by several factors and some important ones are listed below:

Puppy price

The price of this puppy variety depends on the location and reputation of the breeders who sell the puppy.

To fully understand the qualities of puree, it is important to know about the variety before you buy.

A purebred beagle puppy is expensive and its search takes a long time, but it is very important to find a beagle with a pedigree. Beagle puppies in show quality and quality for pets have different prices. Male puppies also have higher costs than female puppies.

Breeder costs

Pet shops buy the whole litter of puppies from the breeder. They sell it to potential dog owners at premium prices by favoring people who don’t understand the difference in quality.

pet store

It is not advisable to buy a puppy from a pet store, even if it is proven by a Kennel Club or India certificate, because it is a scam. Buy a beagle at a pet store only if the store owner allows him to meet the dog breeder, puppy and his mother, assess the parents of KCI-certified dogs and provide feedback from other store owners.

Puppy mills

Puppies are shadow breeders who keep dogs for profit.

Puppies do not have to be well cared for and there is no guarantee of the puppy’s mental and physical health.


Brokers have a deep knowledge of the quality of the dogs they promote. They act as intermediaries and help bring in beagle breeders and potential dog owners. Most breeders associate people with reputable breeders and pay a small percentage of mediation.

Famous breeders

Renowned beagle breeders take good care of their dogs and ensure that they remain in high mental and physical condition.

They guarantee pedigree, minimal probability of genetic diseases and provide guidance for good breeding of puppies. Many well-known breeders have registered their kennel with KCI and become certified breeders.

Common domestic breeders

Common domestic breeders are dog breeders who breed their dogs without breeding experience. They offer excellent purebred beagle puppies with good mental and physical characteristics at a short price and provide the right guidance.

It is important to check the KCI registration with the breeding pair, insist on the beagle meeting with the parents and request a reference that can guarantee the quality of the breeder.

The cost of consuming food in the Beagle

The Beagle is an interesting and energetic dog that needs high quality dog ​​food to reach its full potential.

While this does not require a large amount of dog food, it is the highest recurring cost that any dog ​​owner can pay.

This variant of the dog should eat high-protein foods and avoid carbohydrate-based foods because they are sensitive to fat. The average monthly cost of dog food can range between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 depending on the brand of the dog.

Veterinary costs

The veterinarian can provide detailed instructions listing all the health requirements of Beagle puppies with a reasonable idea of ​​all medical costs. The beagle is usually a healthy breed with certain health problems.

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The average medical cost can be as low as Rs. 4000 for a beagle. These include vaccination costs, deworming costs, castration / castration costs and other drug-related costs.

Vaccination costs

Vaccination against common feline diseases is mandatory for all beagle puppies at an early age.

It is important to check with the breeder if he has already vaccinated the puppy like most of them.

The remaining vaccinations can be monitored and planned using the vaccination card available to the veterinarian. Depending on the dose and age of the puppy, each vaccine may be among the Rs. 750 to Rs. 1500.

Castration / spraying costs

Beagle breeding requires experience and is not possible for everyone. Dog breeding is expensive, time consuming and not suitable for beginning dog owners. Dog injection / sterilization is a surgical procedure and has many health benefits.

A good veterinarian with experience in this process should be selected for your Beagle. Castration costs in rural areas range between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 and in metro cities it can cost up to Rs. 12 000.

Deworming costs

Deworming medicine can prevent beagle disease due to its unique ability to smell any odor. It also helps maintain maximum food nutrition.

A veterinarian should be consulted to understand the dosage and regimen of deworming. Each deworming tablet costs about Rs. 100.

Other medical expenses include antiseptic spray, cotton and a patch at a cost of approximately Rs 500.

Sign and flea powder and shampoo are also important for maintaining health and cleanliness. It can happen and is estimated at Rs. 1500.

Beagle repair price

The Beagle can be adjusted once a week to keep it clean because it has short hair that does not require regular care.

It is advisable to wash the puppy at most once a month and use only dog ​​shampoos and conditioners.

Using human shampoos can damage your puppy’s skin. May cause rash and itching. Additional care costs include fur brush, shampoo and conditioner, tick and flea shampoos, nail clippers and dog towels.

Accessory costs

The basic accessories for the Beagle include a bed, a small collar and belt, food, water and toys.

The annual cost of beagle accessories can be expected to be around Rs. 4000.

Training costs

Beagle is a unique variety that easily distracts and has difficulty concentrating for a long time.

It is advisable to hire a professional beagle dog trainer, as it is difficult to train due to his curiosity. Training based on your own dog training videos should be short.

Use a reward-based training method to achieve good results. Hiring a dog trainer will cost and cost about Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000 per month.

Treatment costs

Commercial drugs are not recommended for this variety. Homemade delicacies such as eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs, meat and vegetables are great delicacies for beagles and they love it. They are not as expensive as commercial drugs, but you need to consider these aspects.

Beagle insurance costs in India

Beagles usually do not have high health costs because they are a healthy breed.

Most dog owners can easily pay their veterinary fees out of pocket. However, one can buy health insurance for their Beagle in India and the premium can cost between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000.


The origin of the word “beagle” is uncertain. It is thought to be probably derived from the French word begueule, which means open throat, or from the Old English word beag, which means small. Some think it may be from the French word beugler, which means bellows, or the German word begele, which means punished.

The history of the race is also overcast, because the races we know today never really evolved until the 19th century. Greek documents from 400 BC. Describe beagle-like dogs, and the Romans probably brought small hounds to England and bred them to local dogs. William the Conqueror is said to have brought Talbot dogs (now extinct) to England during the Norman Conquest in 1066. These dogs are considered the ancestors of the beagle and foxhound.

Beagles became popular in England very early in their history. During the reign of Edward II. (1307 – 1327) and Henry VII. (1485 – 1509) were extremely small beagles, called Glove Beagles. Apparently they were barely held by a gloved hand. There is also a mention of singing beagles, named after their bubbling voices.

Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) kept packages of pocket beagles only 9 inches long. These little dogs are depicted in the drawings with short legs and a round nose. They are used for hunting, but are lost quickly because they are not very fast.

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In 1700, fox hunting became popular in England and the beagle lost its advantage as the larger Foxhound became the dog of choice. Were it not for the peasants in England, Ireland and Wales who were still hunting, packing and packing, the variety would probably have become extinct by then.

In the mid-19th century, Rev. Phillip Honeywood founded a beagle pack in Essex, England. These dogs are considered the ancestors of the modern beagle. Roar. Honeywood is bred for hunting skills, not for looks. Thomas Johnson, an Englishman, was responsible for breeding beagles that were attractive and good hunters.

At the same time, American breeders began importing beagles from England to improve the appearance of their own dogs. Many English imports are bred to an average length of 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder to catch foxes. American breeders have started breeding them to be smaller for rabbit hunting.

Importantly, the Beagle “Patch” tribe was developed by Willet Randall in New York City around 1880. The line is primarily white with a very large tricolor area. They were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s because they ran so fast. Many people nowadays call lemon and white or red and white beagles “Patch” beagles.

The American Kennel Club and the first Beagle Special Club were founded in 1884. In the same year, the AKC began registering beagles. In 1916, five members of the National Beagle Club purchased 508 acres in Western Loudoun, Virginia, for field trials. The men who bought it formed a corporation called the Institute Corporate to buy and own the land, and then leased it to the Institute Foundation, which owns the property for the National Beagle Club, which is now the site of many National Beagle Club activities.


The beagle is easily recognizable by its large brown eyes and angular, supple ears. It is a famous small to half dog breed. Technically, there are two types of beagle: A smaller version that weighs 20 pounds or less; and a slightly larger version of 20 to 35 pounds. Their bodies are small but strong and have great strength.

But whether it is a small or medium-sized dog, all beagles have a short smooth double coat. They come in many colors, but are most commonly seen in black, brown and white or blue, brown and white tricolor jackets. Other color shades, according to the National Beagle Club of America, are: tan and white; lemon and white; red and white; and chocolate and white.

Their thick clothes dried up all year round and every spring was a difficult period of drought. More than just brushing to check for short hair (and on your sofa, dress and floor), these dogs are popular because they have very small puppies to maintain.


Friendly, playful and compact, it’s no surprise that the beagle has long been a popular family member. These high energy dogs need a lot of daily exercise, but when they are tired, they are even happier when they can spend time at home with their people. Beagles like to play. They are great pads for children and work well with cats and other dogs.

As with any breed, it is important to socialize your beagle from an early age so that he learns to play well and is not too tough. It is also important to teach children how to treat dogs well and always watch them play with each dog.

No wonder beagles are strong. “That’s what we raised in them,” said Brian Kilcommons, founder of The Great Pets Resort, a training facility in Connecticut. “When a beagle walks in large circles across the field, the bay does two things: first, it deters the knees so that it doesn’t hide, and second, it lets the hunter know where the dog is.”

Thanks to their tendency to bark, beagles can create good warning systems that inform their owners as soon as a neighbor or caretaker starts running to the house – they expect not only to watch everything, but also to welcome the tail. Due to the noise level and high driving of the victim, this option can be bad if it is not properly trained and cared for. These pack dogs are also the happiest friends and should not be left alone for a long time.

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If your beagle is lonely or bored, he will bark for hours. Beagles are smart, curious dogs, but don’t expect them to follow your command immediately – they’d rather watch your nose and examine than sit in line. Training a beagle is quite possible, but it requires a lot of patience and constant positive strength training. Make sure you have enough food, as some species can take something in 20 minutes to find out, “With a beagle, you’ll probably have it in two weeks,” says Kilcommons.

But if he is well trained, a beagle can be a good and obedient dog. Combined with a good aroma and friendly cheeks, this variety is popular with the US Department of Agriculture at airports and entry points across the country. “Beagles are bred to lay their noses on the ground, catch the scent and follow it – the brain exaggerates primarily to work on the scent,” Kilcommons said.


Beagles have a single short coat that does not require professional posture. Regular cleaning at home helps keep their clothes healthy and clean. Their long, large ears prevent air from entering and around them.

This facilitates the growth of infections. Her ears should be checked regularly for signs of swelling or redness. Consultation with a veterinarian is necessary to diagnose infection and eradicate bacteria.

Excessive filling of the beagle’s skin can lead to eye problems such as entropy or skin disease. Regular care and cleanliness can help prevent many diseases.

Living needs

Beagles, who act like scented dogs chased in packs, are known for laying their heads on the ground in search of the next best scent. For this reason, beagles should be housed in a house with a well-secured – and well-reinforced – fence or ample outdoor passages for long, winding walks with a leash. Because of his swaying nose, it’s important to guard his beagle when he’s out and give him a microchip. Maybe it will just follow and smell from your garden!

Although it is a clever variety, beagles are notoriously slow at home on the train and prevent accidents lasting up to a year. Kilcommons said training in a beagle box is highly encouraged and remain positive, patient and consistent in any workout.

The Beagle is happiest with the owner, who will play with his ability to track odors – whether through hunting, competitions or hours of walking or walking in the area – and can spend a lot of quality time on his side. Beagles are easily defeated, and if left alone for a long time or improperly trained and trained, they can develop bad habits. It is important to consider your lifestyle before using a dog. Talk to a beagle breeder or rescue team to see if this dog is right for your family.


The short, weather-resistant beagle coat is easy to maintain, but has its price – it shakes easily. By brushing the beagle two to three times a week, you will prevent the accumulation of dead hair in your home and support the growth of new, healthy hair. Because it has a double coat, it loses a lot in the spring and you will want to increase your daily care.

Beagles rarely need a bath unless they are in chaotic conditions. Regular trimming is a good opportunity to check things like coat thickness (dumb coat can mean a lack of nutrients in the diet), nail length and ear and tooth health. His nails had to be trimmed regularly – if you heard him on the floor, it was too high.

Like most dogs, beagles need weekly care because their tall and supple shape can impede good air circulation and lead to infections. It is important that you talk to your veterinarian about the proper way to examine and clean your beagle’s ear. Using food is a safe way to get your beagle’s attention during your workout, but make sure it looks like a buffet. “It’s easy for a relationship to consist of food, not a person,” Kilcommons said.

“Once the dog understands what to expect, I expect an answer and I will not dress like a delicacy. They will do what we want and will look for it, but to achieve this, you have to reward them. Appreciate it. You have to be excited. Tell him how smart he is, smile at him and look at peace: Tail. It will tell you if it works. “

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