Boxer Dog : Price, Facts, characteristics, Food , Cleaning

If you want to keep your puppy, Puppy Boxer will be a great choice for you. A boxer is loyal, playful, intelligent, stupid, energetic, and protects his master. They make perfect pets and can be trained at home.

The boxer dog comes from the Molosser family, which includes the English Mastiff, the Tibetan Mastiff, and the Bullmastiff. In a sense, Boxer is a family like the Mastiff, a courageous and gentle animal. How much does a Boxer Dog & Puppy cost in India? The average price of Boxer puppy in India is around Rs. Price range from 30,000 won to 30,000 won. 20,000 for Rs. 50,000 depends on the quality of the litter, location, reputation and health of the dog.

Boxer dogs are very popular all over India and can be found in almost any city. The price of boxer dogs is not high, but the price can vary for many reasons.

These characteristics affect the price of a Boxer dog

Pet Puppy Boxer Shorts: If you are looking to buy a puppy boxer brief for your pet, you need to make sure it is from a good breeder. Boxer puppies can be very expensive depending on the breed of the puppy, the quality of the puppy (show quality compared to the pet) and the gender of the puppy.

The qualities of a puppy can be divided into two parts: character and pet. Not all puppies make a good pet.

It can be expensive and expensive to maintain. The cute puppies have a few drawbacks, but they are reasonably priced. Reputation of dog breeders: There are two types of dog breeders: good breeders and top breeders. Boxer puppies will cost more to top breeders because they provide the Boxer with good health and care. In addition, the best breeders have healthy pedigree boxers.

Puppy Quality: The cost of keeping a puppy depends on the quality of its pedigree. Puppies are healthier, more expensive. Male and female pregnancies: male offspring are stronger and female offspring are better protected and cared for. Male boxer puppies seem to be more expensive than their counterparts.

Value of Dog Food:

Foods high in protein are essential for dogs. You can expect to spend around $ 100,000. 5,500 for Rs. 7,000 meals per month.

Vet Fees:

Of course, you should take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups and sometimes in an emergency. You can expect to spend around $ 100,000. 4,000 per year for veterinary visits.

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Vaccination rate:

All animals should be vaccinated to ensure a healthy life. Talk to your pet about the vaccination requirements and the price of your Boxer puppy. This will help you budget.

Spaying Rate:

If you are not planning on having a dog, you can opt for spaying. The rate of sterilization / sanitation / neutralization varies from city to city. It can cost around Rs. 4000-Rs. 12,000

Repellant and Medical Fees:

You may need to keep dusty ticks and flies, bandaged, sanitized, and sanitized for your pet.

Cost of care:

Boxer dogs are cheaper but more hairy. You may need to comb your coat at least once a week or send it to the groom every week. A boxer dog can bathe well once a month. You may need to purchase special shampoo and soap.

Price of accessories:

Beds, collars, towels, baths, toys and leashes are among the essential accessories for your dog.

These kits cost around Rs. 3,500 Bon if you don’t have to spend monthly. However, it is important to consider the cost of the supplies when feeding your dog.


Boxer dogs can be trained at home, but special training is required. Some boxer dogs can be aggressive and destructive. Good training can help them.

The cost of training a boxer dog for a professional is Rs. 5,000-Rs. 7,000 per month. Medical bills: owners will provide snacks to keep their boxer dogs active. Eggs, bread, vegetables and meat are the best foods. We recommend organic products because they are good for your pet’s health.

Dog Insurance: Boxer owners should be careful when walking their dog. They can kill aliens and cause legal problems for the owner. Buying pet insurance can help. In India, pet insurance is available at Rs. 1,000 for Rs. 9,000 ib

Dog Walkers: For those with a busy dialysis schedule, walking your dog can be difficult. Hiring a walking dog can be helpful.

Boxer dogs don’t like hanging out with strangers and want to keep their owners with them. You may need to use R’s if hiring a dog walker is the only way out. 500-Rs. 1500 per month.

Transportation costs: Boxer dogs don’t like to be alone. If you are planning to travel, be sure to bring your dog. This means that you need to factor in the cost of travel or kennel costs with your dog when considering adopting a boxer dog.

Are boxers a good family dog? Yes, boxers are family dogs. They know exactly how to protect the owner and his family. When trained by puppies, the athlete is able to perform in large crowds and perform well between family caregivers and caregivers. They are very protective of their families.

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Boxer dogs are part of the team and are meant to serve as supervisors. They are also a happy family with laughter. This dog is very confident and trustworthy. Boxer dogs love to sleep near their owners, which makes them ideal pets.

They make good friends around the home because they are non-violent and keep their owners safe from strangers. Boxer dogs are very calm and attentive. They don’t smell unless they see a threat. Do boxer dogs engage with children? Yes, boxer dogs can get along with children if they are properly educated. Boxer dogs are lively and playful. They can be silly and stupid at times. Most children enjoy this type of behavior. However, you may need some guidance in playing and being gentle with the children around you at first. Boxer dogs run, jump, and run, making them a great fun outdoor activity for kids and the whole family.

Introduction and history

Boxer Dog is a cross between Bullenbeisser and Bulldog. Bullenbeisser is a hunter, or hunting dog, who helps him catch prey with his large jaws and teeth until the hunters arrive.

Bullenbeisser no longer exists and Boxer is a new brand. Boxers, like their ancestors, had unique faces and faces.

Boxers have been around since World War I, when the military used them as missionaries, guard dogs, and scavengers.

During World War II, dogs had become good friends in many countries. Today, the Boxer breed is considered a pet because of its passion, protection and playfulness.


The boxer dog is square in shape, medium in size, and measures approximately 53-63cm in armor. However, female boxers are slightly smaller than their competitors.

Boxer dogs have a deep chest, a tight fitting neck, no excessive skin, long shoulders and arms. They have strong forelimbs. The boxer’s back is broad and muscular.

A boxer puppy face is very special. Dogs have strong jaws and wide mouths. Not too much skin on the face and head.

He has a black nose and a wide nose, and the eyes are round and medium in size. The ears are thin and wide and rest against the skull. Boxer dogs generally weigh between 25 and 32 kg. angry

Boxer dogs are friendly, playful, and defensive. They enjoy the company and improve their understanding of membership and participation. Stress can arise when you are away from your landlord or when you are alone.

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Boxer dogs can do a lot of damage when they are bored. So you have to motivate your mind to do good. coaching

Boxer dogs can be trained by puppies. They are smart and eager to learn. They learn good manners at home.

But their mind must be nourished by regular training. Also, they can be disobedient and angry like children.

You have to expand the outside world daily to release more energy by running, jumping and playing outside. If you have limited or no access to the outdoors, you can start looking for fun indoors, from digging out furniture to sandals.

A dog boxer can be trained to behave well with home training that includes a few activities.

cleaning and cleaning

Boxer dogs need the same care and grooming as other companion dogs. However, their coat requires a lot of care. Like cats, boxers can be dressed, groomed, and neat. The best thing to do is to establish a maintenance and cleaning schedule that includes:


The coat or hair should be combed with a leather washcloth or rubber bristles. We recommend that you brush your teeth weekly. This way you can lose a lot of hair so you will have very little hair.

If you plan to use dental shading, make sure you don’t use it around your dog’s paws, as it could cause injury. To improve the shine of the coat, remove it with a chamois leather. Brush your teeth: Dental care is important to prevent tartar and infections. To make sure your dog is free from periodontal disease, brush his teeth once a week, preferably every day.

Cut your nails:

Most dogs will lose their nails. If your dog hears a squeaking sound coming from the ground as he walks, it may mean that his long fingernails have fallen out. Cutting their nails every month will help them stay healthy. boxer dog

Boxers full of energy. They can get very excited, running and running around the house. They need to be exposed to the outside world to get the most out of their energy.

Boxers are dog lovers. They make the perfect companion. They can be very happy to meet their master and enjoy running around and licking their surroundings.

Boxers behave well when trained like puppies. However, adult boxers can be a bit tricky to deal with.

Boxer dogs love to play and jump outside, but they are not outdoor dogs.

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