Chow Chow Dog : Appearance & Characteristics, Cost, Maintenance, Training & More

Chow chow is a cute furry looking bear dog that is world famous for its cute looks. This breed of dog is also known in northern China as the puffed lion dog.

Another unique feature of the chow-chow breed is that they have blue-black spotted tongues.

Will Chow Chow survive in India?

Chow Chow can survive in India with good care and attention, but they find it difficult to cope with hot weather if they are not stored in cold places because they do not live in hot weather. Chow Chow prefers cool places and is comfortable in the apartment.

They are very famous for their black tongues and beautiful fur, thanks to which they tolerate cold climates. This means that they cannot tolerate hot weather.

How much is chow chow in India?

The price of chow-chow dog breeds in India normally ranges between Rs. 30,000 and 60,000 Rs, but in some cases you may have to spend as much as 2,000,000 Rs. The price of this dog breed depends on many factors, such as the breeder, physical characteristics, quality of the breed, location, etc.

Factors that affect the price of chow chow in India

Location of the puppy

The price of the dog can be affected by the location where you live and where you can get chow-chow.

Where to buy – pet shops, puppies, famous breeders

In addition to location, the price of a chow-chow puppy depends on where you can get it, for example at a pet store, a reputable breeder or a mole puppy.

We recommend buying a dog only from a reputable breeder. This is because pet stores and puppies often have a negative reputation for keeping the dog for profit and not taking good care of it.

Age and gender of puppies

Other factors that affect the price of chow-chow dogs are age and gender. Puppies or dogs are available at a higher price than females. The sex of the dog plays an important role in determining the price of the area.

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Puppies and young dogs still cost more than adult chow-chow dogs. Such an age is an important factor influencing the price of a dog.

Physical properties

The physical characteristics of a dog have a huge impact on the price of that dog. This dog breed usually occurs in two types of clothing – rough and smooth. The breeder may charge you different prices depending on the type of jacket.

Coat color is another factor that affects its price unlike a dog. They usually occur in red, cream and fawn. You can even find chow-chow in unique coat colors such as black and blue, which can be more expensive.

Breed quality and bloodline

The quality of the breed also affects the price of chow-chow dogs. The dog in show quality is close to the ideal dog, as are the standards of the breed.

If you want to take part in shows with your furry friend, the quality of the breed is very important. If not, you can go with plain chow-chow quality pets. If your chow chow belongs to the bloodline of champions, which means that its predecessors are champions at any official dog show, then the price of this chow chow is high.

Food consumption costs

The cost of food is repeated, so you need to remember this when you buy a dog. Some dogs have a nominal cost of food consumption, while for others they are high.

The cost of feeding chow-chow in India ranges between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5,000 per month falls into the category of medium costs.

Veterinary and vaccine costs

Other costs that may affect your decision are the cost of veterinarians and vaccinations. Vaccinations and deworming can help a lot and can cost you between Rs. 5000 and Rs, 15000 in the first year.

The annual vet fee will be about Rs. 1500 depending on the vet you are going to.

Features of Chow Chow


  • It is firmly built, has a square profile, a broad skull and small, triangular, straight ears with round tips.
  • It is known for its thick double coat, which can be smooth or rough.
  • He has a distinctive rough and masculine appearance due to the thick hair around his neck.
  • It is available in shades / even red, black, blue, cinnamon / fawn or cream. However, not all colors appear to be valid in all countries. If there is a dog that is spotted or multicolored, then this is considered the standard of the breed.
  • His eyes are almond shaped and usually deep.
  • It has a unique blue-black / purple language that makes it different from everyone else. The color of his tongue reaches to the lips, which makes him a single dog with blue lips and a mouth (some dogs have black or cake-colored skin with a shadow pattern on their mouths).
  • The hind legs are straight, which results in a slow gait. Another unique feature of the Chow Chow breed is its curly tail, which has a thick coat and lies on its back.
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About and history Chow Chow

It is believed that the dog breed Chow Chow originated about three thousand years ago in the Mongolian or Siberian steppes. It is also known in China as Songshi Quan.

There is controversy over whether the breed was created by crossing Samoyeds and Tibetan Mastiffs, which most people believe. On the contrary, some people believe that Chow Chow are the ancestors of the Samoyed and other breeds, such as the Keeshond and the Norwegian Elkhound.

Recently, the first chow was found in the West and later imported into Britain in 1780. It was recognized by the Kennel Club in 1894 and the American Kennel Club in 1903.

Chow became very famous when Queen Victoria had the dog Chow Chow as a pet.

The look of chow chow

This variety has a double thick coat, which can be smooth or rough. Several color variations are discussed below:


  • Red
  • Black
  • Fawn
  • BLUE
  • White
  • Passport


Many people prefer uniform coat colors and most chow chows have lighter coat under the back and also on the tail.

He has a muscular, broad head, with clear padding around his ears and eyes. Your chow-chow teeth should be tight, the bottom and top rows should be together.

The tongue and lips are mostly blue and black. The ears are round and small and pointing forward. Provides a distinctive branded crumpled look.

They have muscular forelegs and well-developed upper arms and shoulders. Her hind legs are straight. Males weigh between 19 and 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 25 and 32 kilograms. Females weigh between 18 and 20 inches and weigh between 21 and 27 kg.

Character and temperament

Chow Chow is tough and aggressive, so it is not suitable for new pet owners. They are independent and friendly in nature. You need to check them to have a good relationship with them.

If you manage them well, they will be one of the most obedient and faithful pets. They are aggressive watch dogs because the breed is naturally suspicious of strangers.

Because this breed is bred as hunting dogs, they are often not good at dealing with small pets and children because they do not understand the chow-chow intolerance signs. They are a faithful shepherd for adults.

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Chow-chow training can be difficult compared to most other breeds. They usually respond to the training of the individual they come in contact with. Due to this unique natural peculiarity, it may take a while for your furry friend to train.

Train them like children and create a healthy dominance that dogs respect, which is hard to train later. If trained with patience, this different dog can learn and follow orders.


This breed of dog requires a moderate level of activity. If the dog spends a lot of time indoors, he needs an hour of walking every day, but this is not possible on hot days because they easily overheat. ask

Food flows and may be more noticeable in warmer climates. It has to be brushed every day. Be careful not to wash their clothes too often, as this will affect the quality of their clothes and their skin. Do not cut your friend’s hair, as this would damage her hair.

Brushing your teeth is a good habit, but something that is difficult. You can try introducing this habit to your dog and see how it works. If they become aggressive, you can stop them or get professional guidance from a veterinarian.

Are chow chow aggressive and dangerous?

Chow-chow can be aggressive and dangerous because it is often found that they protect their parents very much and want to protect their owner in every way. Early socialization and training can help them become obedient and faithful pets. How can you prevent Chow Chow aggression?

Good training

Establishing good habits in your chow-chow when you are a puppy is the best way to prevent you from getting into bad habits in the future.

Better learning

With proper upbringing, chow-chow can mix and interact with others. Some show no signs of aggression and it all depends on their nature and how the owners treat them.

Is chow chow the right dog for you?

Chow-chow is not a good dog breed for the first owners of pets. They can be harsh and aggressive and difficult for new owners to handle.

Small mistakes in their upbringing can have many consequences for their future, so it is best for a knowledgeable dog owner to take it differently.

If you are ready to make a great effort to educate and repair chow-chow, they can be loyal and kind friends to you. With a good education, chow-chow can be nice to other people and animals.

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