Dachshund Dog as Pet : Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

 Did you know that a dachshund statement is a widespread fraud?

The most common pronunciation is ‘Dash-hound’. The breed is known for its names – Wiener-Dog, Sausage Dog, Doxie, etc. Dachshunds are independent, alert, with large dog skin. So they are good shepherds like family dogs.

How much do dachshunds cost in India?

In India, a dachshund puppy costs on average around 15,000 to 20,000 INR. Due to various factors, it can climb up to 45,000 INR / – or up to 7,000 INR. Show quality dogs are more expensive than pet quality puppies. The price will also be affected by other factors, such as location / city, wider reputation.

Factors affecting costs

The cost of buying a dachshund puppy depends on the following.

Puppy quality:

Performance and pet are some of the different qualities where their prices vary. Most domestic dachshund puppies fall into the category of pets. However, it is a better choice and cheaper. A puppy of show quality in India can cost you twice as much, up to 45,000 INR / –

Breeder’s reputation:

If you want to feel without company, then go to a renowned breeder as a top kennel. At a higher level, it may cost a bit, but we recommend it for the benefit of the dog and also for the care of the family. Puppy Mills, Pet Stores are some of the places where you should avoid shopping altogether.

Application and location:

Dachshunds are a less popular breed in India. So breeders may demand a higher price. You can do an in-depth price survey around your site and negotiate a reasonable price. Factors such as the breed, Kennel Club of India certification, etc. also affect the puppy’s price.

There are a number of other factors involved in raising a dachshund as your pet.


  • Remember that the alien is of a different origin. Unlike other dogs of the original breeds, it does not thrive on Indian house food or acclimatize to hot and humid climates.
  •  The average monthly feed cost for your dachshund can range from INR 2,000 / – and reach INR 3,000 / – for high quality meat-based dog food. Repairs can cost approximately 2,000 – 2,500 INR / -, however, home repairs can be reduced to INR 500 / – per month.
  • Veterinary fees and placement will affect the cost of the first year of a dachshund puppy. It can be more or less up to 6000 INR / -. Allocate at least 2000 INR / – per year for veterinary fees and vaccinations.
  • Castration or castration of an Indian dachshund will vary depending on the location. He fell into a plate ₹ 8,000 to ₹ 15,000 fornow, other after-school costs in minimal INR 1500 / -.
  • If you treat domestic pets like your family, chicks are not very kids at home. In addition to toys learn and train, they have at least need trains to protect your other items at home. The game and training is not something that ends with a puppy.
  • So schedule your INR 1000 / – for their annual toys. Drugs play a role in reward-based training. Therefore, it is an important cost for you to discipline your pets and keep them healthy. Calculate over 500 INR / – per month.
  • Dachshunds train fast. If you are still planning to hire a dog trainer, you and the dog will benefit greatly. A good dog trainer in India will charge you 5,000 to 7,000 ₹ per month.
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History and popularity

The beginnings of the dachshund can be traced back to the 15th century. However, its development began about 300 years ago in Germany. Initially, they were bred to hunt badgers. Eventually, people began to treat them like family dogs. They were sent to U.S. Pat. in 1885. However, it did not become popular until the 20th century. Today they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.


Appearance is one of the main reasons why a breed has such bad nicknames. They are called a sausage dog or even a hot dog. The long snout, drooping ears and tail on the back are some of the unique physical characteristics of dachshunds.
You can’t help but succumb to the eyes of a dachshund soul and a complex facial expression.
Even her hair is in three types: smooth, wire-haired or long-haired. The most common is the one with the coating that requires the least amount of makeup. Standard, miniature or rabbit dachshund are dachshund categories. This decision is based on her breast size.
The largest of these are standard dachshunds. Tweener is a term used for matching between patterns and Mini. It is undeniable that the appearance of a dachshund is quite ridiculous. In addition to being a popular topic among cartoonists and toy manufacturers, outdoor fun is through their use.
Adapting to short legs can help them dig tunnels and even fight other animals.

Temperament and attitude

Staying independent and focused are qualities that are remembered when breeding dachshunds. As a result, he is stubborn, so he requires a training method. Dachshunds generally need only moderate exercise. Puppy training, as with other dogs, is easier than with adults. It just takes time, patience and perseverance. Start early, set limits and stay strong.
You may find that potty training and unreasonable barking are the most challenging. A positive strengthening should therefore help in the long run.
Obedience training can be very good in this variety. Using toys as rewards is a great way to train them, because they are the predators of nature.
Dachshunds are intelligent dogs and love difficult tasks. So try to learn new things as soon as you know the basics. Crate training, chewing and biting, socialization, leadership training, invocation and commands are some of the basics to get started.
These dogs generally have a short attention time. Puppies also need to rest often. So you can divide the training into 3 or 4 lessons per day for 10-15 minutes.
When training dachshunds, keep in mind that these dogs are prone to spinal injuries due to their high backs. To stay protected, don’t let your pet jump on the furniture and always check his weight.


Dachshunds need little care. However, basic routine and care can be beneficial for both the dog and the breeder. These types are also reluctant to repair at first. So get them in the early stages. In fact, your dachshund needs 1-2 repairs a week. By brushing you get soft and clean clothes. You can easily find a brush for a cheap price to repair.
Dachshunds don’t have to wash often. This can reduce the amount of natural oils and reduce the quality of the coat. They can take a bath once every three weeks, or at least no more than the number of baths a maximum of once a month. The variety has sensitive skin, so use only gentle shampoos.
Air movement through the dachshund’s pliable ears may be restricted. Weekly care of their ears is therefore a good idea to prevent infections that lead to poor air circulation.
Disability is common in dogs of all breeds. So make sure you have good pet insurance that covers the unpredictable costs that can occur at any age.

What is the value of a dachshund?

Dachshunds are very cute and are also very expensive. You can buy a Dashshund puppy in India for almost 5-12 thousand rupees. It is always wise to buy one of the bedding houses as reliable breeders / shops!

Are dachshunds intelligent?

Dachshunds are intelligent, independent jokers of dog breeds. Depending on their mood and personality, they can sometimes be deceptive or playful, but in general, these dogs always have good ways for family life. When hunting dogs breed to badgers, dachshunds can exhibit features such as barking when they are awakened by the smell of game over long distances, which is also the way they hunt prey under the hood. ground, so it’s not just the behavior inside them, but it’s important that you train your doxie before he starts doing any ‘badgers’.

Is a dachshund a good dog?

Dogs can be loyal companions and watch out for potential intruders. If you are looking for a friend for walks or even protecting your children on the way home from school, a dachshund may come in handy. But there are also some difficulties when they have chosen it differently: it is difficult for them to train because their nose is so close to the ground that it is difficult not to find any cure!

Are there a lot of dachshunds?

 Dachshunds love to sigh – they spend the day yawning. And while 13 pounds may seem small, it can be quite strong when it’s a little fat! In addition, many dachshunds are sensitive in nature and often respond too loud or too loud to excessive barking in response to changes in their environment.

Why not buy a dachshund?

Dachshunds are an attractive dog breed, but there is a big responsibility! Dachshunds are known to have back problems. They are prone to intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). There are no genetic tests for IVDD, so even the best breeder can’t vouch for the health of your new puppy – meaning 25% of them will be affected for the rest of their lives. Stay tuned and consider taking out insurance before using it!

Would dachshunds want to cuddle?

Dachshunds have always been faithful companions. They like to cuddle with you on the couch, sleep next to you and watch your every move around the house (including the bathroom). Make sure they don’t leave too long as they start talking in curtains!

What is the most unique color of a dachshund?

Black – Black (non-standard) Pure black dachshunds are the most unique of all doxies when it comes to coat color. This is due to the presence of a unique recessive gene, which is found in only one in seven puppies born with this color in their natural environment and is on average less than 1% per litter, which makes them a unique finding for anyone who is a dog lover . !

Can dachshunds be left alone?

Dachshunds are pack animals and need stimulation. They can be stressed, lonely and even stressed, so it is important that they never be left alone for more than four hours at a time. Dachshunds also need regular toilet breaks every few hours, such as daily exercise, so your dachshund owner’s plan should also be considered!

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