Doberman: Price, Appearance & Characteristics, Maintenance Cost & More!

The Doberman is a medium to large sized dog that takes care of families and builds animal-human relationships. Although they have beautiful faces, they often have the downside of being violent.

A loyal guard dog endowed with intelligence and strength with a sharp appearance.

They are often recruited into the military, searching, rescuing and caring for dogs. They are affectionate, gentle and strong dogs and good for families with children. We have mentioned everything that will help you learn more about this dog and make a decision.

How much does a Doberman cost in India?

When considering the cost of buying a Doberman, owners should consider a number of factors. Local, pet store, or livestock prices can affect your puppy’s final price. Generally, you will be able to use it anywhere in Rs. 5,000-500,000 wins, 40,000 wins, 5,000 wins average. 20,000, for the Doberman based on the items mentioned above. Doberman prices and breeding records in India


  • Height 60-72cm
  • Weight 27-35kg
  • Lifespan 10 to 14 years
  • Family temperament, coach, intelligent, unpretentious
  • Puppy Price ₩5,000 – ₩40,000
  • very popular
  • Grooming Normal excretion
  • Common health problems are bloating, elbow and hip dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy, albinism, hypothyroidism.


What affects the price of the Doberman in India?

Many factors affect the value of Doberman in India. We’ll take a look.

Doberman puppy value

Prices for Doberman puppies depend on the reputation of the breeder and the care given to the puppy.

The quality of the animal plays an important role because the best breeders of the best pedigrees pay the premium. It is important to talk to many breeders to understand the differences between dogs in India. The location of the pup also affects the price as South India has some of the best Dobermans in India.

The demand for the dog and the animal’s proximity to the animal model can affect the cost. Teaching good puppies costs more than teaching good puppies with offspring.

The differences between male and female puppies, as well as behavioral and behavioral differences, are minimal. However, male dogs are stronger and cost a million dollars more than female puppies. 3,000 to 30,000 wins 5,000.

Breed factor

Dobermans can be purchased at pet stores from dog brokers, reputable breeders, home breeders and puppy mills. There are many Doberman puppies in pet stores, but they do not guarantee quality and purity.

When buying a Doberman puppy from a pet store, it is important to meet the puppy, the breeder, the puppy’s parents and check the KCI information.

Kennels are timid breeders who lie that they are chaste, only work for money, and sell manufactured puppies at affordable prices. Reputable breeders are the best choice to buy a puppy because they take care of their pup and find a good home. They register Doberman puppies with KCI and allow owners to meet the puppy’s parents.

Dog brokers are in contact with reputable breeders of purebred Dobermans and have a good understanding of the dogs’ pedigree.

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While home breeders regularly sell puppies with good mental and physical properties at affordable prices, they are not experts.

dog food factor

Dog food provides enough nourishment to help Dobermans reach their full potential as they age. They are a large breed and need the best nutrition.

The average monthly dog ​​food cost will be around Rs. 5500 to 500,000 wins 7500 depending on the type of dog food you choose.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a monthly renewal fee for the owner of the dog.

vet factor

The veterinarian can provide a variety of information about your dog’s health and medical expenses.

For Doberman, owners can estimate the annual cost of treatment at around Rs. 4000.

Vaccine cost

The Vaccination Schedule contains a list of vaccinations in India and can be requested from your veterinarian.

It is important to follow a schedule to ensure that children under 6 months are free from life-threatening diseases.

The cost of each shot is in the range of Rs. 750~500,000 wins 1500 in India.

Spaying is a process that eliminates puppies and costs up to $1 million. From 40,000 to 500,000 rupees in small towns, up to 6,000 rupees. 12000 in the Indian metropolis.

Deworming Help your puppy pick up food with cheap tablets at around Rs 100. Other medical expenses such as antibiotics, cotton and bandages cost Rs. About 500 ticks and mites, shampoo, etc. The mat costs around Rs. 1500.


Dobermans have short sleeves and cleaning them once a week helps maintain the process.

We recommend that you do not use human soap and shampoo for your dog and that you do not give him a bath more than once a month.

Doberman accessories price

Doberman needed beds, towels, groceries, and necessities like water bowls and toys.

Accessories include collars and leashes, all prices are around Rs. You can expect 3500.

Tuition fees

Dobermans are animals that need constant training, so it’s a good idea to hire a good trainer.

The cost is around $500,000. 5,000 to 500,000 wins per month 7,000.

Treat cost

It is not recommended to give Dobermans snacks.

Provide homemade foods such as eggs, paneer, cheese, meat, and vegetables that are healthy and best for these dogs.

Doberman insurance prices

Dobermans are a healthy species and do not need health insurance, but liability insurance is recommended. Liability insurance covers legal costs in the event of a dispute between a foreigner.

Many piracy insurance policies are also available from the best pet insurance companies in India. Pet insurance value of Rs. Cheap options range from 6,000 to 60,000 and 9,000 to 5,000. 1000.

Doberman walking and other services cost

Dobermans are very strict with aliens and do not mix well. The relationship must first be informed by strangers who take you for a walk.

Therefore, we do not recommend the use of dog walking services for this species.

However, if you trust strangers or strangers, the cost of dog walking will be Rs. 500-500,000 wins You can hire 1,500 jobs per month.

the cost of the trip

Dobermans can ride in cars or trains. If the owner does not bring his dog, he can use the kennel or the dog hotel.

History and fame of the Doberman

A German tax collector by the name of Louis Doberman, who benefited from breeding the first Doberman dogs, appears to work as a dog catcher in the Apollo area. The ancestors of this amazing dog breed have not been disclosed. However, there are speculations and now believe that the Doberman Pinscher is the result of a combination of animals such as the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier and German Pinscher.


It is a bit small with a square body. He is muscular and very fast. It represents a dog with elegance and nobility.

The fancy shirt represents the athleticism of the Doberman. The head is narrow and the eyes are almond-shaped.

Doberman Characteristics

He is an active dog. A few dogs can match the power levels of the Doberman.


If you are looking for a guard dog for your family, this is a good option. They have a desire to be alert and careful of their surroundings.

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Dobermans are very decisive. not afraid

If you need to measure your dog’s boldness level, this mode will receive the highest score. She is absolutely scared.


This is one of the biggest dogs you can find.

How much does a Doberman cost in India?

Doberman Pinschers cost between Rs 5,000 and Rs 20,000, and it is always better for home buyers or at trusted retailers. Can Dobermans survive in India?

Yes, Dobermans are known to do well in hot weather. It’s no surprise that Doberman jackets were first designed for hot, dry weather. In places like India where the weather seems warm all year round, one of the downsides to this breed is that they can easily overheat when outdoors for long periods of time. However, room temperature does not have this problem. No matter where you live, your home will be air-conditioned. The coat also dries quickly, helping to better control body temperature if you’re walking or running in the scorching sun.

Are Dobermans good for the house?

Doberman Pinscher is a human-oriented dog when socialized and trained properly. They can be sweet and savory with the best person in your life! Some of these dogs form a relationship with someone, so it is important that they are around children so that they can get along later in life.

Do Dobermans Kill Their Owners?

The Doberman is a breed of dog bred specifically for self-defense. They are brave and capable of causing serious damage, but do not fight against their masters… In fact, the Doberman is just a big dog with this kind of character! Other species of animals are known to betray their owners or others, which makes them more dangerous than the average dog.

Do Dobermans bark a lot?

Dobermans know how to bark, but that doesn’t mean they bark constantly. Dobermans were first bred as guard dogs and when working they often alerted or warned their owners by barking. The Doberman’s enthusiasm, discipline, and relationships often use this type of communication as a bell. But it is important not to try too hard!

Why are Dobermans so expensive?

Doberman breeders have to pay a lot of money for food, housing, medical bills and even register Doberman with their national kennel club. Other things that can affect the cost of the Doberman include ear clipping or tail docking procedures, as well as various puppy and adult plans.

Are Dobermans easy to train?

Dobermans are very well trained dogs if you start working early, so it’s important that your new puppy starts obeying immediately.

Can Dobermans be scared?

The Doberman is known to be one of the smartest dogs and can sense fear. When a person first enters the house, the Doberman may be alert around him if he sees symptoms of anxiety or depression. They’ll approach you slowly, in a fair position, with eye contact to gauge how that person feels about meeting them at home.

What is the best age to have a Doberman puppy?

The best age to have a Doberman puppy is 9 to 10 weeks old. At this point, the ears are clipped and ready for adoption! They are usually 8 to 12 weeks old, depending on the needs of the breeder.

 Can Dobermans sleep with you?

Dobermans are good dogs and good pets. However, like other animals, he needs time to adjust after arriving in the new home. A good night’s sleep in a crate with minimal distractions is the best way to keep your Doberman or puppy aware of their surroundings while staying safe. You’ll even want them in your furniture because they have hair!

Are Dobermans cute?

Dobermans know their best friend. They love to cuddle and if you are lucky you may have one of these dogs as a pet. Then you’ll be happy to hop on the couch at night watching TV! However, not all animals are cuddly or cuddly. It’s a common feeling that’s been passed down through generations of animals that need a particular kind of warmth to survive the harsh winter.

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Is there a single Doberman?

One of the most important things to do after you have mastered the Doberman is to think about when you are on your own. Although difficult, adult dogs experience stress separation if not properly cared for, often with damage and barking. It may take up to 4 hours for your dog’s needs to change. But 8 hours is too long!

Are Dobermans dangerous?

The Doberman Pinscher is a popular breed due to its combination of integrity, agility, and aggression. These dogs need plenty of exercise, so get ready for adoption. The best thing about these bottles is that if trained well from the start, they won’t grow and be dangerous!

Why not the Dobermann?

Dobermans are known to be protective and strong animals. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for everyone. The ability to harm animals can cause Doberman Pinscher to kill other dogs and cats he sees, while Dobe lacks the training to hunt small animals such as birds or squirrels. It is always better to be able to control your dog’s behavior around small animals. Although it looks rough as nails because of these features. Some animals know to let go of all thought when it comes to protecting their family from danger!

Are Dobermans connected to a person?

Dobermans like to be with one person and often hurt others.

Can Dobermans fight?

Dobermans are known for their honesty and integrity. This is what makes them excellent guard dogs, but these characteristics also have their drawbacks. Doberman can attack other Dobermans of the same sex! Don’t worry, not all men have this problem.

Is the master Doberman difficult?

Having a Doberman is not as difficult as you think. Anyone who has truly learned to love and understand this dog will find nothing but confidence, intelligence and a loving companion. In short, they are great dogs! The secret is to take it slow. Taking the time to train and bond with your pup early will pay off later when it’s easier to settle in as an “alpha”. However, there are a few things you need to know about getting a Doberman. Remember that at 3 and 12 months of age, a puppy’s mood can change from playful to behavioral and behavioral (called “Two Dangers”). ).

Difficult to raise a Doberman?

Dobermans are very strong dogs, so they need to be walked at least once a day to get tired. They also get bored easily with tasks like this, requiring daily obedience training, so they don’t focus on other issues like grinding furniture! But when all your needs are met (or more), there’s no better friend than Dobie Pup!

Are Dobermans good house dogs?

Doberman is not only a good male friend, he is also a family dog! They were born friends, loving the dogs that protected their family. As long as they are friendly and well trained from an early age, the Doberman Pinscher will be a great companion for children around the house. And when do you want to poop at night or hunt big, dangerous animals like bears? Tobe is always happy to lend a hand.

Why Do Dobermans Cry So Much?

Dobermans are real dogs and need lots of exercise. A bored or growling ratter may yell, but it can also be communication between dog and owner, letting the dog know he needs care. Frequent or frequent, Dobie will just cry.

Is Doberman banned in India?

No, Doberman breeding is not banned in India, but in 2016 the Indian government (DGFT) banned the import of foreign dog breeds for commercial and breeding purposes. Importation is only authorized by the National Defense Forces, the National Police and certain research and development organisations. Anyone who already has a pet and needs proof that they can bring a pet.

Popular species like Doberman are popular in India, but they are often overlooked due to their inability to adapt to the Indian climate. The DGFT prohibits the importation of foreign dogs

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