Dogo Argentino :Price , Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

Dogo Argentino is an athletic dog with strength, intelligence and a quick response. This package has a big head, a strong and well-balanced body.

It has dusty, smooth, short hair that is completely white, some with dark patches near the eyes that cover less than 10% of the head.

How much does the Dogo Argentino cost in India?

The price of a Dogo Argentino puppy will vary depending on the location and reputation of the breeder. The cost of a dog is around 500,000 won. 30,000 to 30,000 wins, up to 85,000 wins. 150,000 for purebred dogs.

 Factors that affect the price

The Dogo Argentino is a rare breed in India and should only be purchased from reputable breeders.

It is important to meet the parents of the dog with the dog. Also check all necessary information and registration of breeders and puppies before purchase.

The cost of purchasing Dogo Argentino puppies from reputable breeders is high compared to pet stores and dog manufacturers. However, we guarantee the best purebred puppies that are small or disease free and incapable.

The city or region where you purchase your Dogo Argentino puppy will affect the price of your puppy. Local puppies are cheaper than buying them in another state or region.

Puppies are easy to train and socialize, and many people enjoy raising puppies in the family. As a result, puppies are slightly more expensive than adult puppies. Purebred puppies are less susceptible to genetic predispositions. This leads to higher prices for good purebred puppies.

Veterinary costs include vaccines, antibiotics, antibiotics, antibiotics, antibiotics and other medications.

Hygiene costs include toothbrushing, toothpaste and toothpaste, dental care, etc. Some simple items like collars and leashes, water, food bowls, and bedding also add value.


Almost a century ago, the legend of the Dogo Argentinos arose in the Argentine region of Cordoba thanks to the efforts of brothers Nores Martinez, Antonio, a respected physician, and Agustin, a lawyer, according to the DACA. The rich siblings who grew up hunted large game, but were disappointed that they only had one or two dogs to help them catch. In addition, cattle farmers on the Argentine plains face challenges in attacking Russian boats and bombs in their herds.

This brother Nores Martinez created a selective breeding program. Starting with historic but now extinct fighting dogs from Cordoba, siblings of many other dogs have been bred for more than 20 years to improve certain characteristics, including Great Dane, Bull Terrier, Boxer, Irish Wolfhound, Spanish Mastiff and Pyrenean dogs. Mastiff. , and so on.

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The brothers enjoyed their large, athletic, highly persistent and strong dogs with a pack mentality, a sincere attitude and love for their friends. Her typical white color helps her face the chaotic hunting scene and her courage against more threatening threats brings great success to ranches and hunters.

In 1947, the first standard for the Great Dane was published. Although Great Dane Argentinos traveled to many other countries over the next two decades, they did not reach the United States until the 1970s.

In 2020, the American Kennel Club recognized the Great Dane, making it the 195th breed of the organization.

Appearance and Build

Dogo Argentino has a strong body, muscular muscles with a handsome face and a big head. They have a large snout the length of the skull.

They have small weak eyes that appear to be curious and alert, and are set deep in their head. They have short ears that hang outside their face. These animals have short, comfortable white fur and elastic skin.

Female Dogo Argentinos are usually between 60 and 65 cm tall and weigh between 35 and 45 kg. Males of this type can reach a height of 68 cm and weigh up to 45 kg.

At first glance, it may seem that you have seen an albino cane corso! Argentinian dogs are muscular and have short white fur with occasional black eyes, ears or face. The gentle lifting of her back attaches to a structure of the chest and shoulders similar to that of a bodybuilder: strong and defined.

Her dark oval eyes are evenly placed under the protruding eyebrows, and her short snout and slightly raised nose help give Dogo Argentinos a strong sense of smell. Their triangular ears can lift the tip or merge slightly to the sides. They have a straight, narrow tail. Like large dogs, they weigh 88-100 pounds and reach heights of up to 26.5 inches at the shoulder.


While his true Argentine Dogo hunters are born and bred, they are also loyal to their owners and want to be close to them. If the puppies of the Argentine dog are well socialized, they are playful puppies and they are just enough to attract all the extra loving attention. For balance and harmony in the household, it is best for the Great Dane to enter the family when the children are older and can manage their energy level.

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Bonus: Older children have the ability to say the same commands as you, so the dog can receive a consistent message. Dogs are working dogs with all the humble sense of purpose they provide. Extended training can include smell, agility tasks, and specific lifting goals. They need intense mental stimulation to be happy and engaging.

Direct physical activity also brings dogs the most. According to the Dogo Argentino Club of America (DACA), they are used in their native Argentina to track and capture wild boars, mountain lions and wild boars. Devoted hunters dress in special protective gear so that they can engage in deep combat while remaining safe. So running around the block is unlikely to satisfy his desire to run and fight.

If he is trained and has the permission of a veterinarian, let him participate in hunting, dog games and more active exercises, such as cycling, running or walking.


The Dogo Argentino is a loyal and endangered species, which makes it a good guardian. They are protective of human families, even children, but their passion for violence makes them proud of other animals like cats and dogs. However, their prey makes them great hunters and can clear boars with ferocity and energy.

The Dogo Argentino is an independent dog that needs a partner to meet training needs, especially when it comes to relationships, as it knows that it is not very welcoming towards strangers, travel and the other dogs. They are emotional and need lots of exercise and mental support, so living in a room is not ideal. It’s best to start training early when you’re a puppy.


Dogs may have specific needs to occupy their minds and move their legs, but fixation is not what interests them.

Their fresh, white clothes should be stained with a glove or brush every week to check the blood, and if they get dirty, they should have a gentle shampoo bubble bath. Teeth need to be cleaned regularly. Their nails grow quite high, so they need to be trimmed at least every month, depending on their activity. They have a tendency to form waxy ears, so clean their ears regularly. Smart and independent, Great Danes do not always want to be happy, but they respond well to positive, fearless strengthening and training.

“The responsible owner will start training his mastiff from the day he returns home, with a lot of positive reinforcement,” Faulkner said. She said that puppy training and obedience can begin when the puppy receives all the required vaccinations, usually around 10 weeks. Because dogs can be strong, it is up to their owners to implement a consistent and careful training program.

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Grooming and Coat Color

Dogo Argentino has short, all-white fur, but occasionally has black spots on its head. The hair is short and easy to comb, but the size of the Dogo Argentino makes the nursing process more difficult. Dogo Argentinos should be brushed weekly and bathed once every three months or sooner if dirty. They will lose the amount of shedding, but due to the length of their coat, they are less noticeable than long hair. However, it would be nice to have a lint roller.

needs of life

Dogo Argentinos thrive on places to walk and things to do, ideally on a farm or ranch.

Joshua Faulkner, breeder and owner of Dogo Argentino, the first American Kennel Club winner, said, “The Dogo Argentino thrives in the workplace, in large part because it is bred to specialize and weed out animals that might endanger their families and their fields. “However, Dogo is a very flexible alternative, and if chosen based on animal husbandry practices, he can stay at home with less work than expected,” said La Historia Dogo in Yaphank province. .

Dogs “love” people, according to the Canadian Dogo Argentino Club. If the owner can provide Dogo with mental support, physical activity, good training, and social skills, he will be successful as a house dog.

Dogos need a lot of care and don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. If left alone for too long, they may engage in unhealthy behaviors to justify themselves. They have a high prey drive and are bred for large hunting games. It can be tempting to hunt, so it’s best to keep your Dogo Argentino in a large, fenced-in playpen and train your pup on a leash.

Can Dogo Argentino survive in India?

Yes, he has the patience for hot and cold weather and climate to live comfortably in most of India. These dogs need minimal grooming and have short sleeves that make them comfortable.

Is Dogo Argentino a childhood friend?

Dogo Argentino needs to teach more kids at a young age so they can be around them as they grow up.

Proper owner training and early bonding will keep children warm, gentle, and alert. However, it is a good idea to take care of dogs when they are around young children.

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