Indian Spitz as Pet – Price,Breed Details, Diet Chart & More

The Indian Spitz is a breed of Spitz and was very popular between the 80’s and 90’s, when import rules in India made it almost impossible to import dog breeds.

This breed of dog is very common in India due to its intelligence and cute appearance. Many people often confuse Indian Spitz with the Pomeranian race, but they are both different.

What is the cost of Indian Spitz in India?

An Indian Spitz puppy is available for at least Rs. 4000 and in 2 years it will cost you between Rs. 6000 and Rs. 8000. The price of an Indian Spike depends on many factors such as the place of purchase, whether the puppy is vaccinated or not and the purity of the breed.

The factors that affect the price of Indian Spitz are discussed in detail in the next section.

Factors affecting the price of Indian Spitz

Where you can get Indian Spikes is very important when it comes to determining its price. If this option is easily available in a particular area, it will be cheaper.

· Color and size: –

If we check or look at the color and size of Indian Spitz, Indian Spitz is usually only available in a milky white shade. However, it can also be found in monochromatic colors, such as brown, and, although sometimes very rare, is a hybrid of black and white similar to Pomeranians.

Normally there is no price change by color. And when we look at the size of the Indian Spitz, of course, the Indian Spitz is divided into two categories.

The Little Indian Spitz and the Little Indian Spitz weigh 5-7 kg or 11-15 pounds (estimate) and 22-25 cm (estimate) height. By comparison, the more pronounced Indian Spitz or the larger Indian Spitz weighs 12-22 kg or 26-45 pounds (approximately) and 35-45 cm (approximately) tall.

Breed type: –

This type of generation is also one of the critical factors affecting the Indian top in India. Sometimes the price of Indian Spitz can also be affected by the generation or makeup that parents use in a particular liter.

Copy: –

The Indian Spitz comes in a clean milky double coat about 33 cm or 13 inches at the withers, with a soft chest and a yellow tail.

· Fashionable variety: –

The Indian Spitz was one of the most popular dogs in India in the 80s and 90s, when Indian import rules made it very difficult to import dogs of other breeds. Indians love this breed so much because it is fun, entertaining and even have many such qualities that Indians love them more.

· Maintenance costs: –

The cost of maintaining an Indian Spike is not too high compared to other dogs. It depends on the owner how he takes care of his dog, but if you are considerate and honest in taking care of your dog, the maintenance costs of the Indian Spike are not high compared to other dog breeds.

But in general, the maintenance costs of the Indian Spike can start from Rs. 1,200 and can climb up to Rs. 2,500. It depends on the owner how he maintains his Indian tip.

Geographical locations: –

Geographical location is one of the main factors influencing the prices of Indian Spitz.

The prices of Indian Spitz as a variety can be high in well-developed metropolitan cities compared to other cities or regions.

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Another important thing to know is that if you buy Indian

You need to think about things like where you live, whether your dog will stay alive or comfortable in this environment or not, and many other things like whether you can reach the dog and keep it, good food and care for your dog and so on.

However, in the case of Indian Spitz, it is a good thing that the Indian climate easily survives.

On the other hand, the costs are higher than the Indian Spitz in this particular area rare because it also increases transportation costs. One of the most important factors that determines the price of Indian Spitz is quality.

Ingredients are available at a lower cost, but they may have some health problems as they grow. Pure Indian Spitz is more expensive and healthier and the price can climb to Rs. 8000.

The reputation of the breeder also determines the price of the Indian top. The famous breeder takes care of healthy and purebred dogs, so pets are more expensive. Another factor that affects the cost of the Indian peak is the cost of vaccination. It is important to give your dog the vaccines he needs to prevent diseases such as canine distemper, hepatitis, rabies and parvovirus. Vaccines can also help prevent the spread of these diseases to humans.

You should vaccinate your puppy when he is 6 weeks old and when he grows up you should be vaccinated against rabies every 3 years. Your vet can help you better understand.

Registration cost of Indian Spitz

The dog must be registered before modification, issue or export. Suppose both parents are right INKC. Then for non-members it is Rs. 500 and for members it is Rs. 400. If the parents are not known, then for the non-member it is Rs. 1000 and for members it is Rs. 800. With one or two KCI parents or imported dogs from another non-member club, it is Rs. 500 and for members it is Rs. 400 And if an Indian Spitz puppy is registered with the Kennel Club of India, it is not registered yet. Then the costs are higher than any other registration costs.

There are different registration fees in different cities in India, so you need to check them according to your city. However, there is an annual registration fee of Rs 500.

Information and history

The dog breed Indian Spitz does not come from India. They were German Spitz, who were brought to our country by the British. Then they crossed the German Spitz to Indian Paria, making the Indian Spitz better adapted to Indian conditions.

The British were able to create another existence in the summer and had the wisdom of the German top.

The Indian Spitz breed is similar to the European Spitz with the added advantage of coping with a warm climate. This dog breed is also comfortable in small apartments and requires a moderate level of exercise.

The Indian Spitz has other names such as the Lesser Indian Spitz, the Lesser Indian Spitz and the Greater Indian Spitz, but people also call it the Indian Orange Dog.

Spitzs have soft fur, hairless snouts and sharp ears. Dog breed Pomeranian to Spitz from Poland.


This variant of the dog is small in size and has a soft coat. It is slightly shorter than the European top.

The appearance of this dog should be proportional, which means that the body from shoulder to thigh should be proportional.

The mouth is sharp, shorter than the skull and joins the head with a stop. The nose is black and lies on the tip of the dog’s mouth and does not come out of the lips.

The eyes of the Indian Spike are round, black and have a black border. They have short raised ears. The ears are close together, triangular and erect. If your Indian Spitz has flexible ears, it means that it is not a breed.

They have a straight topline, parallel legs, a deep chest and a moderately blocked abdomen. Its tail is curved and short. The body weight of a female Indian Spitz is lower than that of a male Indian Spitz.

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Types and colors of Indian Spitz

The Indian Spit is divided into two categories, the Greater Indian Spit, even known as the Great Indian Spit with a weight of 12-20 kg and a height of 35-45 cm.

Another category is the Little Indian Spitz, also known as the Little Indian Spitz, which weighs 5-7 kg and 22-25 cm in the bay.

White Indian striker

This is the most common of all kinds. They are beautiful, with round black eyes, lips and a nose. Black features are visible with white fluffy hair.

Brown Indian Spitz

The Brown Indian Spitz is almost dark brown or orange and also rare. This dog has black eyes, nose and lips.

Black Indian Spitz

This is the smallest of all. They are completely black, have black eyes, nose and lips.

Character and temperament

Indian Spitz is super intelligent, playful, fun and very kind. The dog is obedient, loud and alert. This little dog is also a good breeder.

The Indian Spitz learned everything very quickly and enjoyed playing. This dog is usually always happy and good with children. If you allow this dog to believe he is the boss, he will become a barker.

This variety is loving, proud and happy with its owners. When they become human leaders, they can develop various qualities, such as separation, separation anxiety, barking at strangers, and even biting.

The Indian Spitz does not have these qualities, it is a consequence of the lack of leadership. It is important to satisfy their natural instincts, not humans. Let them follow the rules, limit them to things they can and cannot do.


The Indian Spitz is one of the easiest dog breeds to live. That is why they are very popular family dogs in India. They train easily, so make sure they train at a young age.

This dog can live in a small or large apartment, they are super intelligent and can adapt themselves. They can adapt quickly to people.

Train them by giving orders such as stand, sit or take, and reward them as they follow their instructions. You will show them that you appreciate their actions.

They are social dogs and like to interact with humans and other dog breeds. Kids also love it, so you can take your kids with you when training this dog.


Indian Spitz has a long coat and needs constant care. They love cleanliness and stay clean.

They often fall, so you need to brush regularly. Make sure you have a 15-minute daily repair routine. Their position should also include a toothbrush base and nail clippers. They don’t have to bathe every day unless it’s necessary.

Bathing your Indian Spike two or three times a month is good. Bathing is an important part of caring for dogs. Even if they have healthy skin and clothes, it is important to take a bath to get rid of the unpleasant smell of dirt.


Daily walking is important for their exercise. They are small dogs and can therefore run out of games at home, but walking is necessary because they have the energy.

Because they are playful, the inside of the house can drive them crazy, so be sure to take them out for a while and pay close attention to them.

Unlike other breeds, the Indian Spitz is satisfied even in a small apartment. They also love the outdoors, so make sure they have more space.

They are very agile and playful and do not want to be left alone.


One of the reasons why the Indian Spitz gained its popularity in the 1980s and 1990s was the fact that the Indian government had strict rules for foreign imports.

The Indian therefore returned to the local races after a long time. The Indian Spitz is able to adapt to a warmer climate, unlike its counterpart – the European Spitz. They are comfortable in small and large apartments.

They need gentle movement and good family dogs. The Indian Spitz gained more popularity thanks to the Bollywood film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994), in which the role of ‘Tuffy’ was played by a 6-year-old Indian Spitz.

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This is the first time an Indian Spitz has been seen on screens. This dog belonged to an assistant film director and was later adopted by film actress Madhuri Dixit.


The nutritional requirements below may vary from animal to animal. Please understand your pet’s needs and behavior and also consult with your veterinarian to better understand his or her nutritional needs. Indian Spitz should be fed once a day soft foods such as bread, milk, bananas, etc. for 1 to 8 weeks.

At the age of 8 to 12 weeks, they need 4 small meals a day. Children aged 3 to 6 months need 3 meals a day. Remember to include wet foods in their diet so that they are easily digestible. For puppies aged 6 months to 1 year, 2 bowls of food are needed. After one year old Indian Spitz, he needs 1 bowl of food a day.

Some of these dogs can eat 2 small bowls of food a day. It is important to provide an adult dog with a balanced diet that includes canned food, water or broth.

Your Indian Spitz likes vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs and cottage cheese, you can feed them these things, but make sure they contain less than 10% of your daily diet. Feed your furry friend high quality food and limit the feeding of his human food, as this can result in problems with teeth and bones, an imbalance of vitamins and minerals, and spikes can be their choice.

Give them clean water every day and make sure they wash their plates of water and food every day.

Can Indian Spitz leave alone?

In general, Indian tops are not good in the apartment themselves, because they are social dogs and like to associate with people and other dogs. If you plan to leave them alone, you need to prepare them in time by leaving them at home for a short time to get used to it.

Did the Indian Spitz roll? Is the Indian Spitz strong?

Indian Spitz barks louder and louder than other pets and strangers. They like crying and the sound of crying because it is a different vowel and they can cry in response to gaining attention, protection and as a fear of separation.

Due to the fact that these are small dog breeds, they do not require intense movement, so you can tire them every day with a regular walk and activity to prevent this type of behavior.

Is it easy to train Indian Spikes?

The Indian Spitz does not need much time for training if the owner is consistent. This dog learns fast and likes to play! They are usually good with children and pets, so they are the perfect family pet.

Is Indian Spitz or Pomerania better?

Indian Spitz has a lot of energy and is very fun. This can be a very good choice for you if your home life is busy or very hectic, but it requires intense exercise every day to be happy. The Pomeranian, on the other hand, will need more posture than most breeds because it has a long coat that needs to be shaved twice a day! They are also known as “the kind of dog people love.”

Does the Indian Spitz forget a lot?

The Indian Spitz is the friendliest dog. They are easy to repair and often shake, so you have to brush them regularly, otherwise their breasts will be at home!

Is Indian Spitz suitable for first owners?

The Indian Spitz is a completely different dog for the first owner. They are easy to maintain, cute fur coats who like to date their families and they can also go with other dogs!

Why is Spitz so much?

It may be because of boredom, natural instinct or because they have something to watch out for.

Are the Spitz bad?

The Spitz are full of personality, wisdom and intelligence. They were raised hardworking, so they need an active owner who will follow them!

Is the Indian Spitz a good dog?

Indian Spitz is a variety with friendlier happiness combined with boundless loyalty. They are always happy to greet guests and family, but they are not hospitable to strangers! This makes them great watch dogs for any novice who approaches for convenience.

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