Labrador Dog :Price, Breed, Appearance, Information & More

The Labrador Retriever is one of the best dogs in the world and has established itself in the hearts of Indian dog lovers.

They are friendly, dogs with an average body and join the gunddog dog breed group.

Labradors were originally bred for exploration games, but they’ve gotten more than that. It could be your sleuth, helper, or helper dog. In India, it is mostly used as a dog. Labradors are dogs that love to eat and being supported by food can make them very well trained.

The best thing about having a Labrador as a pet in India is that it is easily accessible to all family members and makes a good family even if you have children.

It is best for the family of pets because it is expensive to have a pet, but you will want to know all the costs involved so that you can easily price your pet.

In this section, you will learn about Labrador prices, cost increases, and more like injection molding, cost trainer, and more.

How much does a Labrador puppy cost?

Labrador puppies can easily be found in India, but the price for Labrador puppies is between 7,000 and 20,000. When all costs are factored in, the total cost of membership can increase up to 10,000 in major cities and up to 65,000 in rural India.

Importance Affects Value of Labrador Puppy in India

space and needs

India being a large country, the prices of Labrador puppies vary from city to city. Yes and there will be similar costs. When you buy a puppy in a big city, you pay more.

For example, buying a puppy in Delhi, Mumbai, or any other major city will definitely cost you more than in a second city in India due to the cost of living and other city expenses.

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Breeding is a major factor affecting the value of dogs in India.

You can buy mashed fruit or a Labrador puppy mix. Purebred puppies cost more than mixed animals.

It is always better to go for purebred puppies as this reduces the risk of diseases and genetic diseases. Pure dogs are also known to live longer than mixed dogs.

How do you know if your Labrador is purebred?

Examination of the dog, the breeder and parent dog registered by KCI, and the dog’s DNA test are three important factors that can determine whether the dog is purebred or not.


Labs are typically sold between 6 and 8 weeks old, but if a breeder sees puppies for sale before age, that’s a red flag.

Puppies 6-8 weeks old cost more than people who like to buy puppies rather than adult dogs because puppies are easy to train and owners spend a lot of time growing up. It also helps to establish a relationship between the dog and its owner.

registered puppy

The standard dog breed in India is regulated by the Kennel Club of India and makes it easy for all breeders to register their puppies / dogs. Dogs registered with KCI receive a higher price and can join multiple countries. Additionally, Indian law prohibits puppies from not being registered with the KCI.


The price of dog food will be added to the price of the Larador. You need to plan your budget properly because you will be providing your lab with the best food every year.

Expect food prices to increase as your puppy grows and becomes an adult. It is estimated to be around $ 100,000. 3,000 per month for food samples.

In most cases, clinics cause obesity, so don’t allow them to be eaten at home or on a diet. It will make them fat. Instead, allow them to prepare dog food offered by reputable companies in the market.

the cost of health

Before having a home clinic, check with your local vet to find out what it would be like to breed a Labrador and what type of health issues you would face. Once you have a general overview of your dog’s illness, you can prepare yourself and your puppy accordingly.

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Although Labradors are a healthy species and seem to adapt well to the Indian environment, their annual health costs can be expected to reach Rs. 5,000 including injections, antibiotics, antibiotics and other costs.

Vaccination costs 750 – 1,200 rupees

Brush your teeth every day and take a shower once a month

The most common health problems are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, seizures, abdominal torsion, and osteochondritis dissecans.


Labradors are medium-length, well-groomed dogs that need to be brushed daily to keep them low. As the hair texture is straight, it can be combed easily.

In addition to brushing, the lab requires showers, nail care, dental work, and ear and skin exams. The Labrador bath comes in handy when you take good care of it and generally stay still while bathing.

You can bathe your Labrador once a month with a special shampoo and soap. Do not use human shampoo / shampoo on dogs.

The clinic, ear canal, and skin examiner should be tested for ear infections or mites.

Hygiene costs include toothbrushes, nail clippers and toothpaste.

 Other Labradors Supplies

Like other commercial products, Labradors need a few basic items such as dog beds, crib toys, collars, leashes, and bowls to provide food and water.

Most of the products fall under the ‘one-time purchase’ category, but you are buying a trial room, so you need to consider that price. The annual cost of this equipment is around Rs. 3,000-30,000 earns 5,000

Labrador training

Labradors are cute dogs and love to work for their owners, giving them great training. Due to their intelligence, they can easily capture training. Labradors should be trained to walk on a leash. Otherwise, it wanders along the nose. For your Labrador training goals, you must hire a dog trainer who knows how to do and train the Labrador.

Labrador tuition fees can vary depending on the city you live in, but can cost you around Rs on average. 5,000 to 50,000 earn 6,000

You can learn how to train a Labrador from another test site or through YouTube. This will help you and your Labrador get along better.

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Labrador puppy snacks

Every dog ​​loves a snack, so does the Labrador.

A company that makes all kinds of dog food today, from pumpkin and chicken to crispy coconut. You can find many valuable dog care resources on Amazon.

Dog therapy can be used to support your Labrador during training, or to bond with your Labrador because you love him. Our advice is to use homemade snacks before you buy to determine if the clinic likes it or not. You can try a variety of home-cooked meals including scrambled eggs, panir, cheese, vegetables, and meat.

Labrador Retriever Insurance Rates

Although Labrador Retrievers suffer from a variety of ailments including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, seizures, abdominal torsion, and osteochondritis, their condition exposes them to other injuries as well.

As search costs increase, this can be a good option to insure your test site. Due to increased demand, many insurance companies now have the option of insuring their clinics, typically offering lifetime coverage starting at 3 months.

Some insurance companies pay for the vaccine and also offer a discount if your Labrador has RFID tags. The cost of the fee can start from Rs. It reaches 300 rupees. 12,000, depending on the insurance plan you choose.

Other costs

Other costs involved in keeping Labrador as a pet include travel costs, travel costs in the millions, and time spent as a pet owner.

Labradors like to be around, so spend time with them. You can walk and play with it. This will help keep the clinic strong and sturdy. If you can spend time in the testing room, you should hire a walking dog which costs on average Rs. 1,500 per month.

The cost to get to Labrador can be high if you choose to travel by plane, but if you choose to get to the clinic by car or train, it will be cheaper.


In conclusion, Labrador Retrievers are smart, intelligent, and energetic dogs that love to be around.

If you decide to buy Labrador Retriever in India, Rs. 7,000 to 5,000 earns 20,000 and the annual membership fee can reach Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 including all expenses.

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