Lhasa Apso: Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

If you are interested in “What is the price of the Lhasa Apso in India”, then you should first know that the Lhasa Apso is a little different than a dog.

And that’s a good question before users buy a Lhasa Apso in India, they need to be clear about the price structure of such a wonderful dog breed.

The Lhasa Apso dog is a dog breed that is very popular outside of India and today is also known in India for its unique positive qualities such as friendly nature, cuteness, loyalty, playful, smart, well disciplined and much more.

The Lhasa Apso was bred in Tibet and for a long time occurred only in the Tibet region. Now, to know more, watch the article. Lhasa Apso Award in India



  •  (BASIC) 15,000 to 30,000 ₹
  • NAME OF THE PLANT Lhasa Apso
  • HEIGHT 10-11 inches
  • TIBOG 5-7 kilograms
  • COMMON HAIR COLORS Creamy, apricot, sable and brown, black, red, white
  • LIFE 10-13 years
  • LITTER SIZE 6-7 Puppies (approx.)


The Lhasa Apso variety is a popular variety available in India. Many breeders sell puppies as dogs in the Lhasa Apso.

The price of the Lhasa Apso is cheaper than other dog breeds, the average price of the Lhasa Apso in India is Rs 20,000, which increases to Rs 30,000 depending on the bones, structure, clothing and many other items. .

Lhasa Apso comes in various shades such as cream, apricot, sable, brown. This means that you can expect different price differences depending on the color or availability of the particular color you want. Quick tip: Before operating a pet store, we recommend potential parents to buy Lhasa Apso in India from a reputable or certified breeder.

Not to mention the fact that buying dogs from reputable ones can be more expensive than other breeders due to their recognition and goodwill from previous experience.

There are also many factors that affect the price of the Lhasa Apso in India, and here are some of them:

Color and Size

When we look at the color and size of the Lhasa Apso, the Lhasa Apso usually has colors like cream, apricot, sable and brown, black, red, white.

There may be a price difference depending on the color. And when we look at the size of the Lhasa Apso, it usually depends on the owner whether he wants the size of the puppy or the adult Lhasa Apso. The litter size of Lhasa Apso can be 4-6 puppies. The length of the Lhasa Apso can average 10-11 inches, ie 25-28 cm. And the weight of the Lhasa Apso can be 13-15 pounds, so 5.9 kg-6.8 kg.

Kind of generation

This type of generation is also one of the main factors influencing the Lhasa Apso in India. Sometimes the cost of a Lhasa Apso can also be affected by a generation or the creation of a specific liter of parents. clothes

Lhasa Apso comes with long, coarse hair and undercoat. Hair length flows, and when we talk about hair density, they have a dense hair density.

Modified variety

The Lhasa Apso is not a new breed in India. The Lhasa Apso is one of the most famous dog breeds in India. It is said that the Lhasa Apso was bred in Tibet and for a long time occurred only in the Tibetan area. The Lhasa Apso has existed since 800 BC, making it one of the oldest dog breeds. Indians really like this breed because they are nice, fun and have many more similar qualities that they find more fun than Indians.

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Maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of the Lhasa Apso are relatively high compared to other dogs, because their coat density is tight, they need high posture maintenance. When we talk about Drooling, they don’t need Drooling. Bath, they need a regular bath.

Geographical locations

Geographical location is one of the most important factors influencing Lhasa Apso prices. Lhasa Apso prices will be high in well-developed metropolitan cities compared to other cities or towns.

Most importantly, you need to know that if you are buying a Lhasa Apso like any other dog breed, you need to know things like where you live if your dog can stay alive or feel comfortable in being or not and a lot. There are even more things like if you can afford a dog and keep good food and clothes for your dog, and so on.

Lhasa Apso puppy Price in India

The price of a puppy in the Lhasa Apso varies from state to state or place from breeder to breeder. In general, however, the price of a puppy in the Lhasa Apso starts from Rs 16,000 to 19,000 for a good healthy puppy. Lhasa Apso Award in Kerala

In Kerala, the price of the Lhasa Apso may be higher than in other metropolitan cities in India. The average price will start from Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000, depending on the place of purchase and the reputation of the breeder. Make sure the variety is clean and beautiful.

Price at Lhasa Apso in Delhi

The price of Lhasa Apso in Delhi depends on the quality, size, color, location and goodwill of the breeder. The average price of a Lhasa Apso in Delhi will start at Rs 15,000, which can rise to Rs 40,000. Make sure you buy a Lhasa Apso from a certified breeder or reputable breeder.

Lhasa Apso Award in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, the price of Lhasa Apso is Rs.16,000 to Rs.20,000 and usually the breeder can choose from the owners a higher amount for the breed with show quality compared to Pet quality Lhasa Apso.

Lhasa Apso Price at various locations in India


  • State price
  • Delhi 15,000-40,000
  • Bangalore 15,000-25,000
  • Mumbai 15,000-30,000
  • Calcutta 15,000-27,000
  • Punjab 17,000-34,000
  • Jaipur 13,000-36,000
  • Lucknow 15,000-40,000
  • Uttarakhand 15,000-36,000
  • Hyderabad 15,000-30,000
  • Chandigarh 17,000-35,000


Insurance costs in Lhasa Apso

Arranging insurance is nowadays one of the main tasks that every person does or does for their family. It is important to insure each and every person to ensure that they remain safe.

Buying a pet is not a big deal, but taking good care of it is a big deal. Taking care of your pet is a big responsibility. It’s like taking care of a small child.

Insurance plays an important role for people who cannot afford the monthly cost of their dog. Monthly expenses like vaccinations, deworming, tick treatment, repairs and much more cost Rs. Rs 2,000 to 5,000, and in the case of international and popular breeds it can be even more expensive.

=The cost of feeding the Lhasa Apso

The cost of food is usually based on the size of your Lhasa Apso. However, if you want to feed your dog quality food, you can expect around Rs5,470-9,480 per puppy in Lhasa Apso and the average cost of food for one will be Rs7,300.

So we are talking about adult dogs Lhasa Apso, the range can be from 3 280 to 13 000 Rs, which means that the average cost of feeding an adult dog from Lhasa Apso is 7 300 Rs.

Food plays an important role in the overall growth of your dog and can prevent your dog from many diseases. So I suggest that you choose a good diet and a good diet for your Lhasa Apso.

Also get suggestions from your vet and breeder where you brought your Lhasa Apso puppy as an adult dog. Cost of care in Lhasa Apso

Nowadays, when we talk about men, everyone wants to be handsome, handsome and attractive. And that requires proper posture, which is one of the important daily routines that spends most of her life.

Posture plays an important role in everyone’s life. It depends on the person, if they think so. For some people, caring for appearance is important because they want to be the center of attraction, while for some people. Attitude for your pet is therefore essential for hygiene and care purposes and helps him to feel good.

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If we then examine the cost of repairing the Lhasa Apso, then it is up to the owner, the owner, how the Lhasa Apso repaired his puppy or dog, or what plan or routine they follow.

The Lhasa Apso dog breed is a breed that requires high maintenance due to thicker fur and many other things. However, if we look at the average cost of repairing the Lhasa Apso, they will start at Rs 12,000 to Rs 32,000 and the average cost will be around Rs 23,000.

Coat care also sometimes includes hairdressing aids or a hairdressing area where you can take your dog for grooming. However, as mentioned above, the attitude also depends on the owner, how he takes care of his Lhasa Apso puppy as a dog.

Lhasa Apso training costs

It is very important that your dog is sociable and obedient. Lhasa Apso as another dog breed that you have as a pet, it is necessary to connect them with important people who come to you regularly.

If your pet does not listen to you or is not disciplined, train him until he listens to you.

Therefore, training is important, and in the case of Lhasa, Apso training is especially necessary because sometimes they act stubbornly or do what they want or want without the care of others.

The cost of training for each breed of dog, such as the Lhasa Apso, like any other breed, the cost of training first depends on the breed and breed of the trainer and other factors such as location. On average, you can expect approximately 10,000 to 15,000 Rs for training a Lhasa Apso dog.

The cost of driving Lhasa Apso

If you are alone with your dog and you do not have to worry about the dog when you are not at home, it is a certain problem for you and your dog.

You will take care of whether your dog has eaten the food or what he will do only at home and many other things. And the fact is that pets, especially dogs or cats, want someone to play with; otherwise they will feel alone.

So if you plan many trips a year and travel to different places for more than a year, there is a problem that you will take Lhasa Apso everywhere, because it is not easy. The task is to bring the Lhasa Apso or another. Pets with you wherever you travel with your dog can become more expensive. So if we look at the cost of managing your pet, then the cost is usually 8,000 to 12,000 Rs per day. So it’s a bit more expensive than your usual travel allowances.

Lhasa Apso registration fee

The dog must be registered before it can be bred, shown or exported. Suppose both parents are right INKC. Then for non-members it is Rs. 500 and for members it is Rs. 400 If the dog’s parents are not known, then for non-members it is Rs. 1000 and for members it is Rs. 800. With one or two KCI parents or imported dogs from another club, this is for non-Rs members. 500 and for members it is Rs. 400

And as a puppy Lhasa Apso is registered in the Kennel Club of India. Then the costs are higher than any other registration costs.

So there are different registration fees in different municipalities in India and you have to check it according to your municipality. However, there is an annual registration fee of Rs 500.

Lhasa Apso Information: Facts, appearance, temperament and personality

Facts about Lhasa Apso


  • Lhasa Apso is an ancient variety that has existed since about 800 BC.
  • The western name Lhasa Apso comes from the Tibetan capital.
  • The Tibetan name Lhasa Apso means “watchdog of a barking lion”.
  • They are a sacred part of the reincarnation process.
  • The Lhasa Apso is often given as a gift in Tibet, so others give it as a more valuable gift. The Lhasa Apso went to the United States as a gift from the Dalai Lama.
  • They live an extremely long life.
  • They are famous in India and many celebrities from India have Lhasa Apso as their pets.
  • Their coat density is much denser and as a result their feet are almost invisible.
  • The Lhasa Apso is a breed with a lion’s heart, whose determination is to share its life with its family. They take the work of the Defenders very seriously.
  • Other names Lhasa apso from Lhasa or lion dog.
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The adult Lhasa Apso will look like a toy dog ​​and can easily walk like a shot dog; although, like some large dog breeds, they also set a perfect example for the breeder. This species (Lhasa Apso) is bred for higher hearing and its hard skin is larger than its size.

The Lhasa Apso also has full hair that almost grows on the floor, so their legs are almost invisible. They are the perfect dog for the family with their appearance inspired by plush toys. The Lhasa Apso is great for living in an apartment; they can also do without the field.


Speaking of Lhasa Apso’s behavior, this dog ranks 126th out of 138 in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, with a good share of obedience at work. The Lhasa Apso dog breed is a long-lived variety, many of which live in good health until they are 20 years old.



  • Race doesn’t hurt
  • Origin in the Tibetan capital
  • Life expectancy 12-14 years
  • Litter size 7-8 puppies
  • Price Lhasa Apso in India 15,000 to 30,000 Rs
  • Short and medium coat
  • Daily exercise 1 hour a day
  • Found cream, apricot, sable and brown, black, red, white
  • Temperament and specialty Smart, intelligent, obedient, active and powerful
  • Training advice Easy to train, ability to rely, flexibility
  • Affection level Medium to high
  • High for children
  • Super energy levels
  • High intelligence
  • Tendency to lower cortex
  • Active game
  • Average body temperature 34-35 degrees


Health Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is prone to some health problems, yet it is a healthy variety. They are prone to sebaceous adenitis, an inherited skin disease that is common in poodles, but has also been reported in many other breeds, including the Lhasa Apso.

Lhasa Apso is also prone to some genetic diseases that progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) blinds it. Responsible breeders have their breeding dogs examined by a canine ophthalmologist every year to check that they are not developing a disease inherited by their offspring.

This breed is also prone to eye diseases such as cherry eye and Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS or dry eye syndrome).

Q1. Will the Lhasa Apso survive in India?

The Lhasa Apso is easy to live in India. You need to give them a full fridge and other things to keep them comfortable during their sleep.

Q2. Can the Lhasa Apso sleep on AC?

Yes, Lhasa Apso can sleep comfortably in AC.

Q3. And what about the Lhasa Apso in children and other pets?

The Lhasa Apso is undoubtedly unique for families with children, they are one of those dogs that are uniquely known and remain happy with families and young children.

The guy is loving and likes to play with people and they like to spend time with their families. It is also important for your children to know how to treat and love animals, which is one of the great things about having Lhasa Apso as your pet at home.


We hope that after reading the article you will be clear about the price of Lhasa Apso in India and other factors that affect the price of Lhasa Apso.

If you are planning to adopt a Lhasa Apso for your family, you can definitely do so.

From the above information, we can announce that the Lhasa Apso is one of the best breeds as a pet for Indian families and is also growing rapidly.

As mentioned above, Lhasa Apso is one of the varieties that can easily survive in any area or area of ​​India as they can easily adapt to the environment in which they live.

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