Pug Dog: Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Monthly Expenses, Training & More

Today we will tell you about the price of the Pug dog in India and also inform you about the reasons why to keep a Pug dog at home.

After all that searching, you finally decided to get a pug as a pet, but if you’re not sure yet, I think pugs are good dogs and this is our proof. .

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Description Pug Dog


  • Appearance: wrinkled, beauty of the face with big eyes
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years is the average life expectancy. Waste size: 2 to 5
  • Weight: dogs 13-20 kg. 13-18 kilo chihuahua.
  • Height: 12-14 inches for dogs. 10-12 inches Chinese.
  • Alternative names: Carlin, Chinese Pug, Lo-Sze, Pug, Pug, Carl. Origin: Origin in Asia around 400 BC.
  • Price of a dog pug in India: 5000 Rs to 20000 Rs


Pug dogs are short, muscular with a wide chest. They have straight, strong and musical legs. The name comes from the Latin word “Pug”, which means “flu fist”.

For communication with other people Pugs have pig-like nasal growls. Snoring at your feet is one of the favorite pastimes of pug dogs. Seeing and doing tricks are also two of the race’s abilities.

Pug dog Temperament

Pug is a happy, witty, faithful, loving and affectionate little dog. He has a warm nature and is devoted, playful, attractive, intelligent and cunning.

The pug is a very good watchdog because he is not very thin. Basic education is good for this, but it requires sensitive management. It’s easy to get bored with repetitive training. A pug is a strong dog who likes to play live games and can be healthier if he trains regularly.


Black mask and ears, like black back passage, in silver, apricot, fawn or black.


Soft, silky, short and shiny. Repair is easy. Brush and comb your hair with a strong brush and shampoo only when needed. To prevent a cold, dry it immediately and completely after bathing. Wrinkles on the face should be cleaned regularly. This diversity has declined sharply during the year.


Every dog ​​owner wants to provide their pet with the most accessible needs. However, the problem arose when people began looking for a comprehensive diet. There are many solutions available from different markets, not to mention commercial alternatives.

Price of a dog pug in India

In India, the price of a pug puppy ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000, with an average price of around 10,000-12,000 Rs.

On average, the price of a pug dog in India ranges between 6000 and 18000 rs. The price of a pug dog in India varies depending on many breeds, including location, breeder, cost of living, etc. There are several factors that affect the prices of pug puppies in addition to those described above.

 Factors that affect the price of a pug puppy in India


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Pet quality – The term “quality” is used by dog ​​breeders to express how well a puppy meets the requirements of a given breed. Breeders can obtain their pug pedigree from the Kennel Club of India (KCI paper). The quality of pets is one of the most important factors that can increase or decrease the price of pug dogs in India.

Gender – Due to strong demand, pug puppies are more expensive than pug puppies. Therefore, the sex of a pug puppy in India is also higher than the price of a pug dog. Wider reputation – If you buy a Puppy Pug from a renowned pug breeder, you will pay more than you can anywhere else. The price of pugs in India is more expensive to show houses than puppies from other breeders, although they are the best in the country. Pug puppies purchased from a trusted breeder can be purebred pugs instead of mixed breeds.


Ordinary breeders at home are people who are in the middle of professional breeders and pet shops. These are serious pug fans who love their dogs and keep them in their homes.

If you want to buy a pug, you may want to consider buying from regular breeders. We recommend contacting them directly or through a broker and talking to them about their dogs. Request KCI certificates to verify origin. If you decide to buy a puppy, visit her at home and meet her dogs. If you are lucky, you can get high quality pugs at a short price.

Food Factor

Dog food for your pug is your highest recurring price. For another dog, such as a pug, high quality dog ​​food is essential. A pug in low-quality dog ​​food will never reach its full potential, no matter who you buy your puppy from. We recommend that you choose a brand that offers dog food specific to the Pug breed. The price of food for your dog will vary depending on the brand. Remember that pugs cannot reach their impressive size if you feed them domestic dog food.

Generally, your monthly dog ​​food costs are between 3,500 and 4,500 ₹. We recommend that you read our review of the best dog food from India to choose the right food for your pug.

Vaccination costs

Some people have recently asked if some vaccinations can cause autism and other mental illnesses in dogs. However, if disputes continue, your pug vaccinations should not be postponed. To ensure protection, the pug puppy must be vaccinated in the first year of life, as must the child. But what are vaccinations and when should they be given so as not to jeopardize the safety and well-being of your pet?

Pug vaccines are designed to prevent them from becoming contagious infections that can endanger their health and lives. While the mother could already be vaccinated with all her vaccines and could pass on immunity to her puppies via postpartum milk (colostrum) within 48 hours of birth, this protection may eventually disappear. The puppy’s resistance will decrease as he grows, so he needs to be stimulated. This is why about 5 weeks after delivery, your veterinarian usually recommends vaccines. The pug puppy’s immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies that help fight infectious agents and deadly infections.

These “primary vaccinations” are critical not only for personal health and longevity, but also for public safety. Other states and countries around the world have regulations that require a rabies vaccine, for example to protect the general public from the spread of this deadly viral disease.

According to the WHO, dogs are the leading cause of death from rabies, with dogs being responsible for up to 99 percent of rabies transmission. [The cost of vaccinating Pug dogs ranges between 1000 – 2000 Rs]

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Grooming Costs

How much does holding a pug in India cost the care of a pug from 2000 to 3000 INR? Sometimes they may be more or less necessary. It affects many factors, including time, his health, the stage of pregnancy and any illness or health care.

Is the pug highly maintenance dog?

So do pugs need a lot of attention? This is ultimately determined by your lifestyle and initial pug ownership experience. Pugs, in addition to needing regular care, are probably picky eaters and difficult to learn. Another thing to consider is their exercise requirements, which should not be a problem if you are an active person.

History and popularity

The pug is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This breed of dog has Chinese roots. It was brought to Europe in the 15th century. It has since spread to other parts of the world and is now found in most families in India.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of this dog breed is its characteristics. It is one of the shortest dog breeds in the world. It can grow up to 14 inches in shoulder length and can weigh up to 10 kg.

She has physically different qualities that make her beautiful and attractive. She has deep facial wrinkles with big black eyes and a flat round face. You can see pugs in four different colors – black, apricot, fawn and silver fawn.

Reasons to adopt Pug as a pet

Before you find out the price of a pug dog in India, you need to know these 10 facts about pug dogs.

Loyalty of pug dogs

Pug dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners. They will do anything to protect you from harm. I can definitely say that once you gain their trust, they are the dogs that will stay by your side, whatever it is.


They don’t bark so much that they are a good dog in the apartment and you will avoid complaints from neighbors and landlords. That this is a big extra point for you and that there is a myth that pugs do not forget.

I mean, that’s not true, because a pug is a dog and a lazy dog, no matter how short your coat is. The dogs went on vacation. So don’t leave your pug outfit alone. Clean and bathe your pug’s hair regularly, don’t miss the opportunity, because I see that his hair is getting worse and I don’t want it to happen to you.


A little practice is enough for pugs. Pug dogs do not need 24 × 7 exercises. Yes, 20 minutes of exercise a day is enough. On the other hand, if you exercise your pug very little, it is your responsibility to follow this diet, because if you do not know, pugs are prone to obesity and exercise less.

With other animals

So if you have a cat and you are looking for a dog partner, you know what to do, but yes, no matter what breed it is, it’s early. Socialization is always necessary. So remember that.


Pugs are considered a loving variety of dogs and like to spend time and interact with their owners as much as possible. If you don’t know, pugs sleep half a day, about 14 hours a day, and during that time they do a lot of things like cuddling, cuddling, sleeping on their laps and what not? For this reason, they are known as natural pets and also no dogs.

The need for space

As you know, these little clowns are small breeds of dogs, which makes them a perfect housing dog, because they can fit in any apartment, large or small. . Literally any apartment. Traveling with a dog has also become very easy, because you can take it wherever you want, without unwanted attention, when you go to work, you can carry it in a bag or when shopping, you can ask for a carrying case and you can have your pug there? It’s a comedy. Don’t try it at home. , No.

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Pugs are smart and easy to learn

They look great and are funny, but don’t confuse them with fools and crazy pugs are a smart diversion. He first tries to analyze and observe the situation and then respond to it. Another part of this approach is that your workouts can be much faster because they are not rushed. They monitor the situation first at each session, step by step, so your Pug learns many tricks very quickly.

Modification of pugs

If you’re more into beauty, there’s one more reason to buy a Pug. They have a natural, smooth, short coat, which leads to less secretion and also because they are not large long-haired dog breeds. They have short hair, so cleaning is very easy and on the other hand you have to see something and that is wrinkles on the face. You should always keep them clean. Otherwise, there are many problems that can be identified by the number no.

Pugs are perfect family dogs

If I had to make a video about the best dogs in the family, this variety would definitely be on that list. However, because they are an ideal family dog, they very strictly expect you to be around them. They hope you keep improving them and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have time to play with your dog that you spend most of your time at work, then I’d say: don’t go for a pug or something to say that because you’ve made her life less, no .

Pugs are known as lickers and slappers

This is the most important bonus. I’m talking and you’re waiting. So let’s start so that pugs can be tactile in nature. They love tickling, touching people. They are dogs that stay with their owners in any way, and if left alone, they will try to get your attention in any way, as if they were trying to pinch you, Yap. You are trying to slap yourself, and if you want, pug dogs are made for you to buy now.

Are pugs lazy?

Lazy people. Despite their small size, pugs don’t like to move and usually sleep 14 hours a day just because they can! But be careful with the weight of your pug; These dogs have an unstoppable ability to beg, so it is important to review your pet’s diet to prevent obesity. They can enjoy a little exercise here and there, but play fetch, as you can see, most of them don’t run or do anything hard!

Are pugs smart?

Pugs are not only different, they are also intelligent. However, it can be difficult to train them because they can be intentional and cunning, which means that if you want them to follow the orders in the command every time, you need consistency in your training methods! Personally savvy, pugs are happy and friendly, loyal and charming, and at the same time playful and sometimes stupid (although things are more fun!). However, this is important for every potential owner of this beautiful puppy. who are not sensitive to pug skinny or really noisy, for their love of neighbor!

Are pugs fat?

Pugs have a reputation for being lazy dogs. They often do not like to run, play or are active on the field. As a result, many of these young men are overweight or obese due to lack of exercise, which can lead to a variety of health problems later in life, so you need to control their weight by controlling your diet and regular activity.

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