Rajapalayam Dog :Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

The Rajapalayama dog is an Indian breed named after a spot in Tamil Nadu, India. It is also known as Poligar dog, Vellai Moonji Naai and was originally developed as a hunting dog for boars and an old and unique breed of greyhounds.

They are mostly white and have a pink nose, pale skin and brown or blue eyes. It is one of the most famous dog breeds in India.

These dogs are very loving and loyal to their owners and tend to be more aggressive towards strangers than other animals.,They have a very aggressive and protective character, which makes them excellent shepherd dogs.

They need to be taught to socialize at an early stage to avoid risky behavior. With the change of time, hunting became less popular and so did this type. This variety is less popular today and is on the verge of extinction.

Campaigns for breeding and welfare of rare dogs such as Rajapalayam are underway.,They are used as watch dogs for people, plants and property.

If you want to buy it, then this article will help you get all the information you need such as Rajapalayam dog price in India, various factors that affect Rajapalayam price, things you need to know when buying a purebred Rajapalayam and other details. such as the history of Rajapalayam, its training, appearance and posture and so on.

How much is a Rajapalayam dog in India?

Rajapalayam dog breeds have different prices in different cities depending on the breeder, pet store and area. Typically it can be spent anywhere between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 13,000 to buy the dog breed Rajapalayam.

With the growing obsession with foreign dog breeds, Indian dogs like Rajapalayam are on the verge of extinction.,In August 2020, Prime Minister Modie called on the country to choose Indogos because they are bolder, accustomed to the Indian environment and cheaper to save compared to foreign races. [01]

Factors affecting the price of Rajapalayam in India?

Before you pay the price for this type of dog, make sure you understand the factors that affect the price. The most important are listed below:

Problems with Rajapalayam puppies

The price of a Rajapalayam puppy other than a dog varies depending on where it is purchased. At the headquarters of a racist named Rajapalayam he was sold for Rs. 10,000 or less, because demand is higher here compared to other cities and towns.

The same puppy can be more expensive than buying outside her city.,These dogs are very expensive and popular due to the high demand several decades ago.

However, declining demand and prices have discouraged breeders from breeding them. Availability and location therefore play an important role in deciding on a puppy’s price.

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Breeder costs

This is one of the most important factors influencing the price of Rajapalayam dogs. There are many types of breeders where you can buy this variety.,

It is always wise to be with renowned breeders, because shadow breeders do not pay much attention to dogs, they just want money. Also, do not decide to buy a dog in pet stores, because the dog was not raised properly.

The dog is taken care of by really renowned breeders and sold to people who can provide them with a healthy and satisfied environment.

Daily cost of dog food

The average daily consumption of Rajapalayam dog food other than dog food is 3 cups. This means that the daily cost can be between Rs. 110 and Rs. 170.,The owner can expect a monthly cost of Rs. 3300 to Rs. 4500 depending on the area where the dog is bred and where dog food is purchased.

Veterinary costs

Rajapalayam is a healthy breed of dog and can only become infected with common diseases like any breed of puppy or dog.

Almost all dog breeds can develop a genetic disorder during growth that neither the breeder nor the dog knows.

Pigment-producing cells called melanocytes are responsible for the formation of hair and eye color. The same stem cells associated with pigment-producing cells produce hearing cells.,Without it, white-clad Rajapalayam dogs are often deaf. There is a risk of skin diseases due to the growth of bacteria associated with the hot and humid areas that these dogs have bred.

In general, these factors can lead to a specific amount of veterinary costs for this breed of dog. Without a common genetic disorder, this dog is considered a healthy dog ​​and does not require regular visits to a veterinarian.

Vaccination costs

Puppies must receive Parco vaccine and rabies vaccine., Adult dogs do not need vaccinations.

The price of the vaccine will vary from state to state, but its price is within a reasonable range.

Care costs

This dog breed is not like other sensitive imported dogs that need increased care and attention, but it does not require much care and hygiene.

He has a short coat, which needs to be brushed once or twice a week with a soft brush or dog glove.

The owner must adhere to a regular posture regimen with baths and toothbrushes to get rid of tartar and fresh breath at all times.,This basic attitude helps to prevent various skin diseases and rashes in the Rajapalayam dog breed.

Repair costs can include costs such as a soft hair brush, shampoo and bath conditioner, nail scissors, toothbrush and towel.

Training costs

These dogs are very sensitive and alert, so they can be easily trained. They always like to learn something new from their owners.

It is important to start training and communicating with them from an early stage, because they are better adaptable in their early stages., This gave them discipline and they became more obedient.

These dogs often require additional costs for professional dog training because they are more distracting and do not listen to many trainers. However, they are smart and obedient and can be trained very well if they start early.

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Experienced and experienced dog owners are more likely to learn and train this breed better.

If the owner is a beginner, it is better to hire a professional dog trainer., The training is extra, but it has value.

Rajapalayam dog history

It is said that the dog Rama Rajapalayam was brought from Tamil Nadu during the reign of King Ashoka. The government has even decorated the marks of this unique breed to identify the new breed, which is why the breed is now becoming popular around the world.

The first developer of the breed made this unique breed a wild hunter, and therefore this breed obviously has a great desire to please its master. This variety also has the name of a small town in Tamil Nadu called Rajapalayam, called Raja-Pallay-Laxadi.

The story behind the name strikes me because the puppy came from the home of a noble man who lived in the city, and because he had no other pet, he decided to name him Rama.,These dogs have long been used to protect rice fields, fields and houses and have stories around them. One of these fairy tales describes how four of these dogs save their owner from a tiger by killing you.


Rajapalayam was a companion of kings and royal families. They were considered royal hunting dogs who bravely took wild barges. These dogs are medium to large sighted dogs and come from a city called Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu, India.

It is one of the oldest original dog breeds in India and is officially registered with the Kennel Club of India. After the ban on hunting and other dangerous activities that affected the life of the animal, Rajapalayam dogs began to excel as watch dogs, police dogs, military dogs and companions.,In order to reduce the demand for this dog breed, there are fewer breeders who breed them.

However, the government of Tamil Nadu and other authorities are constantly trying to restore the demand and existence of this dog.

Rajapalayam dog temperament

When you look at this dog, the first thing you notice is its pink and white coat. This variety is characterized by a deep chest and a domed head, which is elevated. This variety also has a softer headband compared to its body.

His whole body is recognizable from loose skin and his eyes are dark and usually dark brown. This school has pendant-shaped ears and looks like soft leather.,Its tail differs from the whip and about 1/3 of its length thins and gives it a bony appearance.

This variant is actually a hunting dog and still partially retains this feature. Several owners in Rajpalayam state that these dogs have a unique feeling and vision. Rajapalayam dog breeds have a unique feeling that helps the owner identify foreigners, whether they are a threat to the family or not.

This variety is not suitable for young children, but they have a good relationship with older children.,This variety is warm and pleasant for them. The Rajapalayam dog breed is friendly to other dogs, but is not good with small pets because they have long prey. This variety is fully energetic and requires regular exercise to ensure dexterity and boost their spirit.

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This dog’s head shows his strong and loving nature and he needs to balance his body. The dog should have a wary appearance, oval eyes and triangular ears that are drooping and not erect.

They have long forelegs with muscular shoulders and are straight and close to the body. The hind legs are strong and well defined. The hind legs should be parallel to each other when viewed from behind.,Other physical features of the original Rajapalayam variety include a long neckline that blends the shoulders, deep chest and straight topline.

They usually have a belly and a tail that blend directly with the body. Rajapalayam dog has a walk as majestic as a horse. When running, he should have a firm and light movement with his legs in line with his body.

Character and temperament

Rajapalayam dogs are extremely loyal to their owners, but they do not want them to touch them often., They are good friends for older children, but they are not a good choice for younger children.

It is advisable to carefully monitor their behavior when interacting with young children. It is best to treat strangers and other animals at an early stage to prevent later dangerous behavior.

They have a long predatory ride and are not suitable for many pets. They can become rebellious if their original coach changes and will require constant and firm training., Rajapalayam is a really useful dog that can help with many things.

Is Rajapalayam suitable for children?

Rajapalayam is one of the most popular dogs. They are friendly and obedient if they are trained early enough in life. However, when the children come, be sure to watch them, because these puppies usually can’t stand all the nonsense that children can do!

Is Rajapalayam a master dog?

Many people enjoy the power of this variety because it protects their home or property from everything that is their own; stand like kings with leather legs and bark at every potential intruder who dares to approach – warn them before it becomes ugly for both parties involved, he is definitely a human dog.,

Is Rajapalayam suitable for previous owners?

Rajapalayam should not be different from a dog for the first owner. Their reserved personality means that they are the best when they are the center of attention and have no competition with other pets in the family house. The Rajapalay are good companions, but the new owner will be careful! They are known to be sometimes stubborn.

Is Rajapalayam a good watch dog?,

Terrier breeds are best for watch dogs, and while Rajapalayam dogs may be territorial, they are too small to effectively protect them from heirs. As such, they belong to the terrier dog breed category, so there is a chance that small creatures, such as mice, will sound the alarm. However, it is not realistic to expect them to help protect your valuables from large animals such as bears or wolves. It is best if you have a German Shepherd or a boxer for such a job.

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