Rampur Greyhounds :Price, History, personality, Temperament & Breed Details

Do you know The Rampur Greyhound is one of the fastest dogs and can run over 40 mph.

Athletic bodies make them more beautiful and majestic. They are known as loyal and lonely dogs.

Although they are one of the best dogs, Rampur Greyhounds are not well known. They are on the verge of extinction. Read on on our blog to learn more about this dog.

How much does Rampur Greyhound cost in India? Rampur Greyhounds in India cost between INR 5000 / – and INR 18000 / -. As with other dog breeds, the cost depends on age, health, and even breeding. It is a rare and sick species. It is not recognized by the kennel club, so it is inexpensive.

Features affect the price

Here are some suggestions on how to find or get an appointment for Rampur Greyhound:

dog look

Several physical characteristics affect a dog’s overall worth. It is the same color as the Rampur Greyhound coat: fawn, brindle gray, fawn and white, brindle and white, fawn. The less color or shade, the higher the value of the fangs.

Dog’s sex and age

Puppies and males have always been demanding. People choose young people because they are easy to train and prevent disease. Likewise, male dogs have no additional costs associated with future breeding or litter care.

Therefore, a one month old dog costs more per day than a 9 month old dog. The same goes for female and male canines.

the purity of birth

The Rampur Greyhound is a rare species in its own right as it is endangered. In addition, purebred dogs are less prone to health problems.

These crosses come from the genetic lineage of many dogs and breeds. The determinants of this dog’s health are ambiguous. This is one of the reasons why the purity of the animal determines the value of the dog.

Purebred dogs always have a higher cost than mixed animals.

There is a place

The Rampur Greyhound is a species that has recently gained in popularity. Because there are fewer numbers.

The origin of this breed is associated with India, as opposed to exoticism in different places. This is why the Rampur Greyhound is not getting the recognition it deserves.

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Therefore, dogs of this type are difficult to find anywhere. Finding pure breeds is more difficult. Despite all of these circumstances, the cost of canines is affordable. The cost of a dog depends on availability and location.

Zookeeper reputation

Reputable breeders are honest and fair in their work. The main reason for his fame is his career.

Therefore, if a reputable breeder engages in breeding, the price of the dog will certainly increase. However, it guarantees the purity of the animal and the health of the dog.

All canine bills are just the beginning, not the end of saving a dog. There are many costs associated with your dog’s first year of food, toys, hygiene, and regular medical bills (vaccination, spaying / ovulation, etc.). Before you decide to buy or buy a dog, you need to think of everything for yourself.

Introduction and history

Origin of Rampur Greyhound is a town in northern India called Rampur. Its main mission is to hunt jackals and select those that can be killed. Ahmad Ali Khan, Nawab of Rampur, was the cross between the Tazi and the English Greyhound. The results were astonishing upon learning that the Rampur Greyhound was able to hunt large animals such as tigers, lions, leopards and especially jackals. You can remove a golden jackal on your own. These greyhounds have been around for about 300 years now.

These animals have grown in popularity recently, but only a few survive today. No need to hunt, no need to change the time, they are on the verge of extinction. Purebred lampreys are difficult to find because they are native to many other English dogs.

The loyalty of these dogs is commendable. They are solitary dogs and have high protection. They are gentle with children, but shy with strangers.

However, due to their small size, they can destroy children, especially when running. Therefore, children and newborns should not be left unattended.


The Rampur Greyhound is an athlete with a lean body, high legs, a long nose and a balanced body. The narrow width of the body is a peculiarity of this species. The large oval eyes provide excellent visibility when hunting.

The breed’s coat is presented in plain tones. Some of the visible colors include gray, brindle black, phone white, and white and black. Short, smooth and short sleeves are also easy to cut. They are thin, like whipping the tail and reaching for the ankle.

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They have a very good balance because their toes can change easily. They are webbed, like rabbit legs, which adds to the grace of their power. Rampur Greyhound weighs 27-30 kg. Males are also small at 60-75 cm and females 55-60 cm.

temperament and personality

As an animal, Rampur Greyhounds have no problem with interaction. These animals are more comfortable with human friendships and are very family friendly. They are soft and uncomfortable for children and often extremely sensitive for humans. The passion of these dogs is to run small animals and cattle. So the greyhound may not be good for other pets. An early relationship will help your dog get out of the relationship and avoid bad behavior.

They are charged and can run everywhere during seizures by others. They are active and live as long as they have a relationship. Therefore, this animal needs a lot of exercise and walking. They can run at speeds of up to 30 km / h, so be sure to wear the straps in public places.

High energy breeding is very attentive to humans. There is emotional protection. The size and quality of the greyhounds make them the best watch. A house with a garden environment is best for these dogs. However, exercise is still useful if it is stored indoors. They bark less and are good neighbors.


You can easily breed Rampur Greyhounds. In packs, he obeyed the orders of one person. The Greyhounds believe whoever led them was the ball master.

He was not a very smart man, but his calm demeanor enabled him to learn quickly. Response training is a must in this class. Helps prevent accidents.

Daily walking or jogging is important for these dogs. However, it is best to keep them on a leash. Start practicing with an evolving lead, but teach the lead. Relationships help breeders out of their own embarrassment. You can learn better with simple and effective means. Cumbersome procedures reduce the effectiveness of training due to the preferences of these dogs.

body care

Rampur Greyhounds are clean and tidy, so caring for these dogs isn’t a big deal. You don’t even need a hairdresser. Sometimes brushing your teeth can do it all. We want you to get to know your pet with early care procedures.

Brushing once or twice a week helps fight hair loss. These animals make his hair look like the short hairs he has. These dogs will love massage because they prefer the type of care. Therefore, a soft brush or hunting dog gloves would be ideal comfort for a greyhound. Remember to brush your teeth once or twice a week. It refreshes the gums, protects the gums and eliminates the build-up of tartar. Animals should also cut their nails regularly.

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Are Rampur Greyhounds intelligent?

Rampur Greyhounds are a bit smart but quick to learn. One of the reasons is that they are silent when it comes to protecting people. So it is easy to train it and you can train it at home.

They are dogs with intelligence and emotional protection. It ensures that they are genetically prepared for training and education in the performing arts and physical education. In addition, they obey the commandments as long as they think of their Lord. This will help you train your greyhound better.

Are Rampur Greyhounds tough?

Greyhounds are known to be rarely skinny or when other greyhounds are present. A sleeping and calm person is the main reason for this behavior. Greyhounds are very docile for their size and appearance. These animals get along well with children and adults.

The low bark characteristic is good for homes. However, they are very protective of the flock and the leader. When you meet a stranger or something, you quickly feel sick.

Why do greyhounds need guns?

Greyhounds are the fastest racing dogs. This dog race is fun to play. The dogs were united and happy during the race. It makes her so happy that they can bite the dogs they compete with.

So the muzzle prevents it. Another reason for wearing a muzzle can be poor sound quality. This is specifically for the sole purpose of identifying the dog when making the drawing.

Why is a greyhound leaning on you?

Greyhounds are sensitive and affectionate dogs. They like to use their bodies to express their love. It could mean leaning on you or bending over to give you weight. This is not uncommon and many dogs exhibit similar behaviors. Puppies generally like to sit on their knees, while greyhounds use their body weight to show connections.

Greyhounds are great dogs for the family, especially children and the elderly. They have always loved, protected and cared for their herds. If you are looking for a pet that obeys your commands, the Rampur Greyhound is for you. Their appearance and a few other features make them the best watch. Good manners and the integrity of the dog make him the best breed in the family.

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