Shih Tzu Dog: – Price, Maintenance, Lifespan, Grooming & FAQ’s

Shih Tzu is a dog toy born in Tibet. These lines are characterized by large round eyes, a short face, floppy ears, long soft hair and a strong body. Although small, Shih Tzu has a big, fun personality.

They are also friendly, independent and adaptable almost anywhere. Shih Tzu is considered to be one of the most obedient people you will ever see.

How Much Costs Shih Tzu  in India?

Shih Tzu is the right price in India and the average price of a puppy is in the middle of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 value is affected by many factors including the breeder, pedigree of the dog, the location, cost of living and quality of the dog. Reputable breeders will ask for over Rs. 50,000 for her Shih Tzu puppy.

These characteristics affect the value of the Shih Tzu in India

good dog

You have to pay a lot of money for a puppy, and only the most reputable breeder can give a good puppy. Therefore, a well-known breeder should be your first decision when purchasing a Shih Tzu puppy.

You can only get the best Shih Tzu puppies from the best breeders. Keep in mind that the higher the demand for good puppies, the higher the value of the dog.


Shih Tzu puppies are more expensive when the pedigree is sacred. Do your research thoroughly before purchasing the puppy that you want. This includes the research of many Shih Tzu breeders in India to obtain an excellent pedigree.

To identify the child’s true origin, the Internet can be used to research the Shih Tzu lineage. Administrators can also post pictures of dogs or newspaper clippings by dog ​​fights.

Buying the garbage from Show Winner may ultimately cost more than Rs. Than the garbage, so be careful. Always look for a good Shih Tzu puppy model unless you are sure of your dog’s pedigree. the creditor

There are good breeders and there are top breeders.

Pet owners who want a higher price for their puppies don’t do it without a reason. They are better and know better than others. Therefore, the reputation of the breeder is an important factor to consider.

A reputable breeder will take the best care of the puppies and will not be of any value to the health of the dog. The best breeders also breed Shih Tzu from competing champions of the Tibetan lineage.

A good breeder can pay a high price for a Shih Tzu puppy due to a lot of effort in keeping them.

Tuition fees

Because of their tough skin, Shih Tzus need more training than any other type of dog.

They also don’t seek to please, unlike Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds. Hence, they need strict training and relationships to make them ideal pets. You can find a good dog trainer for Rs. 5,000 to 50,000 wins per month 7,000.

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Cost of the vaccine

There are many diseases that affect dogs in India that need to be vaccinated.

Puppies under 6 months of age are more susceptible to parvovirus, resulting in more deaths. It is dangerous to take a dog without a shot for a walk or a conversation.

When purchasing a Shih Tzu puppy, check with the breeder that the puppy has been vaccinated against Parvovirus, which is transmitted through the soil. Make sure you get your dog vaccinated regularly and the best thing to do is to use a vaccination record that your vet can give you. It costs around Rs. 750 rupees 1500 per vaccine dog in India.

cleaning fee

Shih Tzu long sleeves require special care including bathing, combing and trimming.

The Shih Tzu should be trimmed daily to avoid tangling with the carpet. You can consider taking your dog to a professional groomer. It will cost you a few extra pennies. Invest in a good shampoo for your Shih Tzu and don’t use shampoo or soap on dog hair. Also keep a nice toothbrush or comb in your hand.

the cost of food prices

The Shih Tzu should be consumed according to age and weight to stay healthy.

There are small commercial dog foods and dog toys such as Shih Tzu. For your dog bone diet, you need to invest in a diet high in protein. Homemade food may be enough, but you need to follow strict guidelines to control what ingredients your Shih Tzu should or shouldn’t eat.

The price of this type of dog food varies according to the market and the average price is Rs. 2,500 rupees 3,500

Cost of Dog Treats

Although the medical industry seems ideal, we recommend that you give your puppies some Shih Tzu food at home because they are healthy and wholesome. Foods such as cheese, meat, and bread are good choices.

Introduction and history

The name Shih Tzu, which means “red lion,” is so named because of its lion shape. This little dog was made to show off his beauty and energy, as well as his role as a standing lion.

Shih Tzu is said to have a history in Tibet in the 1600s.

The Chinese consider it a sacred animal and the guardian of palaces and temples. Although it is one of the largest dogs, a modern version of this toy was developed in China during the Qing Dynasty at the end of the 19th century.

Empress Dowager Cixi personally oversaw the Shih Tzu breeding as a zoo. He was the eunuch responsible for breeding dogs at the palace, where they unwittingly crossed the Shih Tzu with other animals such as pugs and Pekingese.

Shih Tzu is in great prayer. Dogs are valued for their ability to kiss like strangers, which makes them an ideal guard dog. However, the Empress keeps her Shih Tzu jealous and does not share it with strangers or friends.

However, after his death, many of these parasites disappeared and almost disappeared. In 1935, Shih Tzu began to be seen again. To this day, Shih Tzu remains one of the most popular toys due to its recognition as a dog and continues to teach dogs.

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Shih Tzu is a small dog with a stable and healthy structure. Puppies weigh between 8 and 11 inches on the shoulders and between 9 and 16 pounds.

The body is slightly longer than the height, so it looks more dignified. A very small dog.

Shih Tzu glides across the ground with smooth, vigorous strides. People in long, flowing coats love floats when they walk. He holds his head and tail high, revealing his ancient ancestors.

These toys are lush, lush, and have two thick handles. If you don’t trim them regularly, your hair will grow back on your feet.

Shih Tzu remove little and no shedding, making them the best choice for people who are not allergic to hair or who don’t frown on cleaning fur from furniture. Regular grooming should keep this animal clean and protect its hair from tangles or tangles. The ears and tail are full and long, with hair covering the back.

The Shih Tzu is characterized by peas due to its muzzle and nose.

The eyes are round and wide which is similar to other dog mouths like pug eyes. The eye features make Shih Tzu a clear, warm and welcoming look, giving him a friendly and trustworthy feel.

temperament and attitude

Shih Tzu was designed to be friends with his family, so his character is determined by his interactions, friendships, and trust.

In an ideal family, Shih Tzu are kind, affectionate, and gentle, especially to children. However, if not treated properly, Shih Tzu can become crooked.

Additionally, puppies that interact with older children may be playful or impatient like puppies raised with children at puppy level.

Although Shih Tzu has a passion, this attitude can signify courage, which is why it requires constant study and companionship. However, the cute Shih Tzu is not only a friendly and playful friend, but a large dog as well. He loves to joke and play, and he loves his fans with his cheerful demeanor.

Finally, I was happy to be with my family in a place of peace.


Shih Tzu’s stubborn behavior can make it difficult for him to do housework. When training a dog, it is important to be careful, kind, and to show a lot of compassion and love. With sufficient early training, Shih Tzu can become a loving partner for life.

Begin home training as soon as you bring the Shih Tzu home. Because these children have small bladders and are prone to stress, they can compete at home. Take your dog out every 2-3 hours after eating, sleeping, and playing.

Shih Tzu can cause discomfort if not exposed to many types of dogs and humans. The best time for a relationship with a puppy is between 8 and 16 weeks old. Start slowly in a familiar environment and gradually develop new stimuli. Remember to give your puppy a treat and lots of compliments at every new event.

The best leash training exercises contain snacks. To make your dog listen to you, hold a treat in your hand and give him medical attention while he lets him rest. When you walk, feed your dog every few minutes so that he can walk around without pulling the mark.

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Timers don’t respond well to bees and sounds and can become more aggressive when scared. Reward-based training is best for this species.

body care

Many Shih Tzu owners take their dogs to the barber for grooming and trimming. The fur of these animals grows quickly, and professional groomers are ideal for cutting, trimming and making special dog hairstyles. Hygiene such as bathing, brushing teeth, washing your face, and taking care of your eyes, nose and feet is common and should be done at home.

You should use a dog towel to wipe your dog’s face 2-3 times a day. Comb and brush your dog’s hair to prevent splitting, remove debris, prevent tangles, and promote blood circulation.

However, you don’t want to comb your coat as it causes static electricity and damages your hair. Spray gently on your dog’s coat while brushing and flossing to prevent damage. Shih Tzu nails should be trimmed every 6 weeks. Dogs are very sensitive to nail treatment so it can be very difficult to cut their nails, especially if you are the first dog owner.

For this reason, groomers may choose to do so. Ask your groomer for a nail clipper pointer so you can try it out for yourself next time.

If you’re wondering how to wash your furry friends in the shower, here’s the next stain remover. When your friend returns from an outdoor run, use the appropriate dog wipes to remove dirt, objects, mud, droppings, and urine.

What are the disadvantages of the Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu is a tough housekeeper, but the box workout helps her develop obedience. These breads are also not the best choice for families with young children, as their small size makes them vulnerable to unwanted side effects.

Shih Tzus especially like to eat on their own or with other animal droppings (coprophagia). Therefore, it is a good idea to be careful when your puppy poops and washes him immediately to make sure that this behavior is not normal.

Is Shih Tzu a good friend?

Yes. Shih Tzu are widely known for their bright and cheerful demeanor. These animals have been in contact with humans of all ages, as well as with other dogs and animals of other species.

 Is Shih Tzu alone?

Yes. The Shih Tzu variety in particular needs proper care. So it’s expensive. You should take your Shih Tzu to the barber every 6 weeks. The average maintenance cost will therefore be Rs. 4,500.

Does Shih Tzu bark a lot?

Yes. Shih Tzu loves Barking. They often bark at aliens and passers-by. At home, they can shout at guests from the podium. This bark describes something as hostility. It is their communication and how they ask to be heard.


Have you ever ditched their heels over their cute dog breed toys? Invite a horse before you lead a nearby dog. Make sure you fill out your papers ahead of time to make sure you snuggle up to yourself like a respectful puppy. Shih Tzu is life’s “little lion” best friend!

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