Siamese Cat : Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

This variety comes from Siam, Thailand, where it lived in sacred temples before first living in Shanghai. Siamese cats are the most sociable of all cat breeds in the world and enjoy interacting with all pets and humans.

This fur ball will fill you with love and compassion if you give it a chance.

How much does a Siamese cat cost in India?

Typically, Siamese cats can stand among the Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 35,000 in Chennai, Kerala, Kolkata and Delhi. Bangalore and Mumbai have their Rs prices. 20,000 to Rs. 35 000.

The price of Siamese varies from city to city. This is due to the presence of many breeders and their differences in location and reputation.

Factors that affect the price of Siamese cats in India


The cost of a Siamese kitten is usually lower than that of an adult. As a buyer, you should consider acquiring your pet at a young age. However, since the cost of parenting can be very close to adulthood, why not focus on honoring each other’s company and having enough time to be with your children?

Breed quality

The quality of the Siamese cat you want to own will affect its overall price. For example, the price is usually higher than in other categories, such as Show Quality Siamese cats.

If this is what you want, then be prepared to go into your pocket to fulfill the desires of your heart.

Wider location

The price of a Siamese cat in India varies from country to country. For example, getting a Siamese from Bangalore and Mumbai is more expensive than Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Kerala.

This is due to the presence of breeders in these regions.

Respect for the breeder

The price of a Siamese cat in India is not the same for all breeders, as some are more experienced than others. Highly rated breeders often sell their cats at a higher price than none.

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Please choose a cat from a renowned breeder, because it will guarantee you a healthy and quality cat.

 Spaying and Neutering costs

Siamese castration is usually performed to reduce her aggressive and defensive behavior, such as fighting and attacking other pets and strangers. Castration, on the other hand, is responsible for reducing the incidence of thermal cycles and marking urine.

All this is done by the breeder directly or indirectly, which leads to a slight increase in the total price of Siamese cats compared to other breeds.

Pet supplies

This variety urgently needs cat supplies that will cost you more coins. As a louder and more active type, you need some cat toys for fun. Food is also needed for this variety. You can get an average Rs. 600 for a 5-pound bag of dry cat food. The trash can is the perfect pet that you will not leave when shopping for your Siamese friend.

Animal supplies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and qualities. Reusing will save you a few pennies because it’s a one-time purchase.

 About history

This breed of cat comes from Thai Siam. It was originally used by citizens for preservation and was loved by kings for its unique beauty. People believe that the Siamese cat gained its soul when a member of the royal family died.

In the late 19th century, Siamese first appeared in the United States as a gift to the President of the United States through the American Consul in Bangkok. During the 20th century, breeders around the world bred a Siamese cat. Thanks to globalization, imports and animals have become manageable.

In the 1950s, the Siamese were better and often thinner than the first in Thailand. Many cat breeders like the new body shape, others do not like the old average size.

Traditional Siamese was very rare, and in the 1960s the council banned participation in cat shows in the 1960s.


This breed is medium-sized and well muscled, males weigh 11-15 pounds (4-6 kg) and females weigh 8-12 pounds (2.5-4.5 kg). They vary in height from 20 to 25 cm and live to 11 to 15 years. These cats are intense beauty! The body ratio is a medium-sized head with sharp and pointed ears.

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The bright blue eyes turn harmoniously towards the nose. They are almond shaped and medium in size. Siamese cats have long and straight noses and long ears that are narrow at one point.

The legs are long and slender, which makes them great jumpers. Her coat is short, fine in structure and close to the body.

Siamese cats come in four colors: seal point, blue point, lilac point and chocolate point.


  • Seal point – brown seal and light fawn body. Bluepoint – blue-white body with many blue dots
  • Lilac point – usually a white body with pink-gray dots
  • Chocolate dot – milk chocolate dots spread on a cream body.


Temperament and attitude

The Siamese are extremely sociable, unrestricted and highly protect their people.

Do you want to give your cat your daily company? Then it is! They are interesting and require attention because they have the ability to communicate with their owners in all possible ways.

This child is easily carried away by bitter words, while positive consolation and praise are best for her. They love cuddling and cuddling, but they only need time to jump and kick.

They will learn things very quickly as high generation intelligence and you will always catch them trying to open your closets and drawers.

They are also tolerant of children if they should be with them.

These cute cats are not aggressive, but leaving them alone for a long time can make them boring and scary and can lead to the destruction of your property.

For this reason, let your home be filled with scratches, cat boards, cat suitcases and interactive toys that will fully enhance your Siamese.


Siamese train quickly due to their high intelligence and willingness to learn. They are a high-energy variety and they like to play, which makes this process even more fun.

Start training at an early age so that your cat grows up mentally. As a Siamese cat owner, you can start with a simple training at home.

This includes activities around the house, such as sitting on command, giving a five, and using a trash can. After your child completes this first step, you can continue to practice obedience. This phase involves indulging in good manners and not tolerating the bad ones.

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Finally, your sweetheart will learn various outdoor tricks. This will help him expand his knowledge and understanding.

Overall, breeding a Siamese cat is relatively easy and fun. All we need from you is patience and a strong will with this high-energy pet.

It is one of the cheapest breeds in terms of posture. Her coat is short and fits snugly to the skin, which makes everything from brushing, combing to washing easier.

To keep your Siamese beautiful, you must polish their fur at least once a week. Cutting the nail every 10-14 days is necessary to prevent unnecessary digging and hiding of dirt. Don’t forget to brush your cat’s teeth at least every day. Do not use human toothpaste, as fluorine can be harmful to disease. Your Siamese ears should be kept clean to prevent infections.

It is best if you and your pet visit a veterinarian at least once or twice a year.

This will allow you to catch health problems (if any) at an early stage and also get new ways to fix them if you change the previous ones. Keep a warm temperature at home, as this variety is thermophilic.

Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

Yes. This breed is normally healthy because it does not experience many conditions and diseases compared to other species. If you do not want to worry about deadly diseases, then the Siamese cat is the best for you. Are Siamese cats aggressive?

Of course, these cats are not aggressive, but they cannot be satisfied if their needs are met. Uncomfortable conditions such as hunger and boredom are the cause of aggression. Feed and fully feed and entertain your pet to avoid these situations.

Are Siamese cats good for children and other pets? Big yes! This variety is very good for children, although you need to know how to handle it. Siamese also mixes well with other pets.

Do you want to be friendly, beautiful and relaxed?

Get it Siamese! Before you take him home, make cat toys and a strong will to interact with him. We believe that our guide will be a great help if you are considering becoming a new feline parent of a Siamese cat.

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