Cane Corso: Price, Appearance and Characteristics, Training & More

Have you ever seen a dog with a wide forehead with wrinkles and a wide chest? You know it’s Cane Corso! They are herding / working dog breeds who like the job they have to finish.

Think carefully before choosing a dog breed. Corsi is one of the most devoted dogs, but he needs a suitable parent, a strict master in training.

You better not look at adorable puppies. Corso will grow into a real manhood and will watch over you like a bouncer!

How much does Cane Corso cost?

The average price of a Cane Corso in India is somewhere between 60,000 INR / – and 80,000 INR / -. Prices vary according to their appearance, breeders, availability of different locations and similar factors. This is a bit on the higher side because Corso in India is usually not that different.

Factors influencing Cane Corso’s price

The most common factors that affect the cost of purchasing a Cane Corso include:

Appearance / sex / age of the dog

Corso leather with a double coating is available in various colors from black, gray, fawn, red or brindle. Conventional jackets cost less and unusual costs are higher.

Similarly, eye color, shape and height (if it is an adult dog) on ​​the Cane Corso affect the price of the dog.

The cost factor also varies depending on the sex of the dog. Pet parents often prefer males to females in general.

The price of puppies can be lower. Like sex, people prefer a puppy to an adult dog. This will lead to a higher price for the puppy than for the adult dog.

The presence of race

Some breeds are rather endemic in one region, while others are rare. So depending on the geographical location of the dog, the price will vary.

The price of the Cane Corso may increase if you buy the puppy remotely. This includes various cost factors such as transport, intermediaries, etc.

The reputation of the breeder

A good breeder will take care of all the conditions of the dog before its sale. She noticed the puppy’s health, his offspring, the purity of the parents’ differences, and many other factors.

Also important are the conditions under which the puppy breeds and a breeder with the right behavior will never benefit from any pets. Even if a breeder with a decent reputation costs more and more, it should be worth it. Buying a dog from an unknown breeder equals a health hazard to your pet.

Purity of race

Cane Corso dogs are known for their breed. Protective instincts, growth ability and muscular appearance come from many years of breeding.

If the purity of the breed is disrupted, the primary purpose of the shepherd dog will be in vain. In addition, the health of dogs is endangered by mixed breeding. There are several points that specifically affect Cane Corso’s price.


Cane Corso is a great dog and his maintenance is even greater.

The first thing we need to consider is food. Larger dogs, which are bigger and heavier, also eat with it. High quality dog ​​food will cost you and great. Regular training and physical activity are essential for healthy dog ​​training.

Not every animal parent can train them properly. That is why he is a good trainer of shepherd dogs at a reasonable price.

Other essential components of each dog’s education include medical expenses, toys and medicines (training aids), etc.

Health condition

Every dog ​​is in good health prone to ups and downs. Breeds have specifically genetically modified problems that can be solved if they are cared for properly.

Cane Coro dogs have health problems such as hip dysplasia, entropion or ectropion, demodectic scabies and stomach torsion. It is best practice to ask the breeder about parental health issues.

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A real breeder can be honest and never hide the facts. This will help you figure out what’s in the box.


Corso is one of many mastiff dog breeds. This was developed in Italy and should come from Roman war dogs. He was a lighter figure than his cousin, the Neapolitan Mastiff, and was raised to hunting, caring for property and farmers. Their work includes collecting boats, such as cows, and assisting in their marketing.

The word “cane” is, of course, a Latin word for dog and comes from the word “canis”. The word “corso” can come from “cohors”, which means bodyguard, or from the old Italian word “corsus”, which means strong or firm. The breed declined as the farm became more mechanized and was on the verge of extinction, but since the 1970s dog breeders have been working on rebuilding Corso. Amatori Cane Corso was founded in 1983 and the Federation of Cynologique Internationale recognized the breed in 1996.

A man named Michael Sottile imported the first Corsos waste to the United States in 1988, followed by the second waste in 1989. The Cane Corso International Association was founded in 1993. The breed club eventually sought recognition from the American Kennel Club. in 2010. The breed is now managed by the Cane Corso Association of America.


The large, muscular and somewhat majestic appearance, size and strength of the cane corso are its dominant features – and of course, among other things, because it is a popular choice to keep your supporters, your own and your property. “They are large, beautiful mastiff breeds,” Derse said. An adult female cane corso usually weighs 88-99 pounds, while a male cane corso can weigh 110 pounds.

You will recognize it by its broad chest, broad skull and wrinkled forehead. You can often see them cutting off their ears, even though this practice is controversial – it is purely for cosmetic reasons and has no proven health benefits for the animal. And besides, her pliable ears give her an even more elegant look.

In terms of cane corso colors, the short, double layer of the dog can be black, gray, fawn, red or brindle. The fabric of the jacket is less thick, thick and sometimes tufted – and some even compare it to koja. Almond-shaped dog’s eyes vary in color and can have different shades of brown or even a unique yellow or blue.


In deep breeds, such as working dogs, the temperament of the cane corso can be sensitive and serious. Cane corsi – the plural of cane corso – because of its breeding cannot impress foreigners who surprise him when he patrols his yard. As with all dogs, early interaction with new people, new situations and other dogs is important for him to be healthy, happy and prosperous.

Derse said the cane corso is not a dog for everyone. “For me personally, and in all the other hospitals I’ve been to, when everyone walks through the door, everyone is much more eager,” he said. However, he said there are cane corsos that “tickle your face and are very friendly.”

While some cane corsi may work well with other pets and children, this variety is known to have strong prey, which means that any rapid, unexpected movement of small animals and pets (such as children) can lead to hunting. For harmonious relationships with other animals and children, a timely introduction of the dog at an early age is necessary. Remember to watch out for your cane corso when it comes in contact with children or other pets, and teach children how to treat dogs well.


Cane Corso is the dog for you, because exercise, training and plenty of space is something you can offer your pet. One does not have to have a problem training otherwise because of one’s wisdom and determination.

Early socialization and responsible breeding are important factors in large dogs such as the Corsi. If you live in the countryside, you can include him in cattle. Otherwise, Corso can indulge in dog games such as dexterity, docking diving, tracking or hunting. A working dog requires regular physical activities such as walking, running, etc. Morning and evening walks are essential to maintaining Corso muscle mass.

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Learning must continue with the development of skills and behaviors for everyday fitness.

If you have children / other pets at home, introduce Corso when she is small. See the interactions of your pets as children with Corsi. This will promote a coordinated relationship with all of them.

Large dog breeds usually prefer to have more areas where they can patrol. They need ways to release their energy, such as more walks, large fenced yards, and so on. Corsos are happiest when they do something and have something to think about or work on.

Don’t forget to get your pet as a puppy to the nursery to help him socialize. Take it easy with the puppies. Their musculoskeletal system has been evolving for a long time.

Watch the behavior of these dogs, do not let them escape inappropriate actions. A coach who understands the nature of pastoral breeds can help you the most.


Corso’s history describes him as “a strong character, ready to take on any challenge.” Such behavior can be a double-edged sword. With a confident and consistent owner who provides good guidance and keeps the dog running, the Corso can be a very good family dog ​​that never deserves to be aggressive, but can be aggressive and dangerous for the wrong hands. . In July, two Corso were reported after they attacked and killed the runners.

The ideal Corso is obedient and loving to his family, including children. Getting him to this point requires socializing and training from an early age. This dog is not good in a house where someone is afraid or does not like dogs or does not manage a large dog.

Corso is very intelligent. Mix it with his boss and it’s easy to see him dominate the house without strong leadership and boundaries. He’ll check to see how far he can go. It is important to tell them the rules from the beginning and to ensure that all family members understand the rules. Create a “nothing in life is free” principle by forcing it to create an order like “Sit” or “Go Down” before being rewarded with food, snacks or toys.

Strong leadership does not mean beating a dog – never. Not only does this send bad news, but it can also be a danger to a large, strong dog. The sensitive Corso understands the tone of voice and responds well to praise and rewards when he does what you want, such as emphatic, quick correction and strict adherence to rules when you don’t want to. what did he do. Peace, quiet and self-confidence will keep you away from this dog instead of an angry slap. Consistency will allow him to relax and know that you are in charge.

Help young Cors develop self-confidence by leaving him alone. It can be outside in a confined space, such as a yard or cage, or in your crate when you are busy at home and unattended. Being alone at different times teaches him that he is fine with himself and that you will always return.

Like any dog, Corso needs early socialization – exposure to many different people, views, sounds and experiences – preferably before reaching four months of age. Socialization helps to ensure that your Corso puppy grows into a versatile dog that will not be afraid of strangers, children, other animals and will not be left alone if necessary. Without much experience in the world, he is easily frightened or aggressive. The more you deal with him, the more he will be able to determine what normal behavior is and what actions require him to respond in a protective way.

According to various Italian standards, Corso should be indifferent when you approach it, and should only respond in the event of a real threat. Corso works differently and is required to operate under high levels of stress. Corso, who is unable to maintain dictated behavior in stressful situations, is one who behaves badly because of race.

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This different job requires a lot of physical activity to stay in shape. Plan to take her for a brisk walk or jogging at least a mile, morning and evening, every day. If you like to ride a bike, get an extension that will allow him to ride next to you.

Hurry up with the puppies. Their musculoskeletal system is not fully developed until around the age of 18 months, so although they need many walks to burn their puppy’s energy, these walks should be much shorter and slower. Give this dog a job for mental stimulation. Good work for Corso includes caring for animals (acting as a trainer), learning tricks, obedience training or participating in a dog game. Spend at least 20 minutes a day on these types of activities. It’s good to take it apart: for example, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Never drive on Corso. A strong and secure gateway is needed. The electronic fence will not prevent him from leaving your property if he wants to, and it will not protect your neighbor’s dog or cat as he wanders around your backyard.

Ultimately, be prepared for the amount of care and enormous fees that big dog ownership can bring. More poop needs to be removed and requirements such as sterilization / castration are more expensive for large dogs than for small dogs. If your Corso needs surgery for another reason, the cost of anesthesia can be high because it will be needed by more than a small dog, as well as many postoperative pain medications. Finally, there are the costs of training courses, admission to dog games and sitting or riding with animals when you are not at home. Before you buy a Corso, consider all these costs, as you will face it for 10 to 12 years.


The fix is ​​not a big problem for Cane Corso. Given the size of the dog, this seems like a big task. These include cleaning once a week, occasional bathing, brushing your teeth and checking your toenails.

Corso spills so much throughout the year. The undercoat often falls and adds up most of the season, spring.

Therefore, daily spring brushing can help. You can use a natural brush or glove for this.

If you want her beautiful dress to stay shiny and shiny, use conditioner / varnish. Swimming once every three months or so, when dirty, is enough. You can use a gentle shampoo on this coat.

Other posture activities include brushing your teeth with a soft brush for oral health, examining your ears and trimming your toenails. The ears are a breeding ground for many germs, so you can clean them occasionally with a cloth. Most of it is for overall health and cleanliness.

Is cane corso a good dog for the first owner?

Cane corso is best adopted by someone who is more familiar with dog training than the first owner. There are many factors, from the cost of grooming and feeding a giant dog to the need for exercise and training. This breed can also act without attention for most people who may be afraid of new dog owners. Unfortunately, dog owners left this breed for the first time due to a failure of proper training and connection with the cane corso.

Is the wand course aggressive?

This dog looks furious, but he’s not. As such, however, the breed has a compelling personality, especially when the attackers attack its property. Good training can help a person understand whether someone or something in their territory is really dangerous.

Is it otherwise banned in the United States?

This breed can be banned in some cities and towns across the country and based on legislation specific to this breed is active in several hundred cities in the United States. For example, some areas in Colorado ban cane corsos. When you move to a new state, city or apartment complex, you need to find out if you do not have a cane corso as a pet.

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